Apex Legends Season 15 Bug - Hotfix REVEALED for reload bug

Apex Legends season 15 has been infested with many bugs and the most disruptive is this one.

The common bug has caused many issues in the fast-paced environment that is playing Apex Legends.

Reloading is the key feature which has been affected for seemingly no reason.

However, Respawn Entertainment has addressed this in its latest hotfix which has just been revealed.

This bug will soon be fixed in the hotfix which will be released in the next few weeks.

So, let's take a look at what this bug did and when the hotfix will be released in Apex Legends season 15.

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Apex Legends Reload Bug in Season 15

The Apex community have been affected by this recent bug which has led to many unnecessary deaths in-game.

It hasn't affected all players, but the people that report it to say that it's a permanent bug and happens every time.

Doorway in Apex Legends
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Reloading when standing in doorways becomes impossible with this bug.

Additionally, it seems that players are trying to interact with the door instead of reloading their weapons.

It also seems that trying to open loot boxes is affected by this bug. Trying to do anything important in a doorway just isn't worth the risk anymore.

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Hotfix Released Soon

So, standing in doorways was already dangerous, but this makes it even more so.

Reports about this bug seem to point out that this only affects those who play with a controller.

So, we PC players have less of a worry with this bug.

However, it seems that the hotfix will be released 'soon' as stated by Josh Medina at Respawn Entertainment.

Until that time, players will have to be patient and avoid these doors of doom.

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