Apex Legends Broken Moon: HUGE Ziplines Coming to Season 15 Map

Apex Legends Broken Moon Ziplines

Apex Legends Broken Moon Ziplines

Apex Legends Season 15 is bringing us a ton of new content, that will no doubt change the game entirely. Catalyst features a unique kit that can change the flow of any fight, and turn the tide.

Broken Moon has been announced, and will play very differently to any map we've seen before. Ever wanted a highway for fast map travel? Well new Ziplines are coming to Apex Legends Season 15, and will revolutionise how we play. Here's everything we know so far.

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Apex Legends Broken Moon Ziplines

Broken Moon looks like one of the largest maps we've seen in Apex Legends, and the terrain has little to offer in terms of resources. With larger and more bountiful POIs planned, traveling between them will be all the more important.

Apex Legends Broken Moon
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Respawn Entertainment has us covered though, with a brand new way to traverse the map: Ziplines. We've seen Ziplines before, and they're a great tool to get across canyons, and to get into position with Pathfinder's Ultimate.

These new Ziplines though are much bigger and better. As shown in the New Home teaser, these Ziplines will traverse the map, allowing players to get between POIs much faster, and open up a whole new avenue of gameplay. They will be exclusive to Broken Moon for now, but that could all change in future seasons of Apex Legends.

Broken Moon POI Changes

Apex Legends tends to see players stick to a pretty specific style when it comes to playing around POIs. Squads will tend to start towards the outside of the map, and move inwards as the circle does.

Apex Legends Catalyst
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Respawn was keen to change this for Season 15 though, and players will see much easier ways to traverse the map, which is where Ziplines come in. There will also likely be loot incentives for squads brave enough to start in the middle of the map.

Ziplines will be a high-risk, high-reward way to travel in Apex Legends, and will bring a fresh take to the battle royale style. Stay tuned for any more information we get as Season 15 fast approaches.

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