Apex Legends Broken Moon: New Map and POI Changes for Season 15

Apex Legends Season 15 is right around the corner, and we're getting more and more information about what's in store. We already have a ton of information about the brand-new legend Catalyst, but the new map is still shrouded in mystery.

If you managed to get your hands on a golden ticket, you'll have seen a snipped of Broken Moon, the New Home for the Apex Games, but there's so much more to see. Here's everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 15 map.

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Apex Legends Broken Moon

Broken Moon was discovered by a research team, who were keen to know if the moon was inhabitable, but the discovered something much more valuable. The Moon is actually a source of Ferrofluid, which Catalyst will be taking full advantage of.

Apex Legends Catalyst
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Much to Catalyst's distaste, the Apex games have been brought to the new moon to fund the research into the ferrofluid, but she won't let it go without a fight. Catalyst will be fighting to make sure people don't come back in Apex Legends Season 15, so she'll be a force to be reckoned with.

For other legends dropping in this season, Broken Moon will be a very different game experience in Apex Legends. A broken and barren landscape, resources are scarce, and POIs will be all the more valuable.

Broken Moon POI Changes

Broken Moon looks to be one of the larger maps we've seen in Apex Legends, set on a broken and barren landscape. There's some changes to how POIs function to help teams get the best out of what's available.

Apex Legends Broken Moon Leak
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In Broken Moon, POIs will be larger, with more resources and more space, which will give teams a lot more time to figure out a strategy before then head into the melee.

There will also be more landing options that usual, so where you drop could make all the difference in Apex Legends Season 15. There's also a brand new way to travel around the map in the new season, which will be revealed in due time.

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