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Ash Apex Legends

Ash Apex Legends

Apex Legends is now well into Season 16, and a ton of new content has arrived with the update. Team Deathmatch has finally arrived, and although no new legend has been released there's still plenty to get to grips with.

Armour swapping is a great mechanic to learn to level up your game that the tutorial doesn't quite get to. Here's everything you need to know to pull it off so you can play like the pros.

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What is Armour Swapping?

Armour swapping is quite simple; it involves picking up an unbroken evo shield from the ground or a deathbox. This will quickly replenish your evo shield reserves and saves you precious seconds by bypassing the need for shield cells, batteries or phoenix kits.

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As long as the shield you’re trying to pick up has more hit points than the one you want to drop, this is almost instantaneous. Swapping your current epic armour that’s taken heavy fire, to a fresh common armour may seem counter-intuitive, but just might buy you the precious half-second you need to finish off an enemy or escape into cover.

When to use it

To get the best value out of armour swapping, there are two situations where it can be critical. The first is perhaps obvious: mid-firefight. Make a mental note if you're fighting in an area with lots of deathboxes, and if you can find a second to duck behind cover and make the switch, you’ll catch your opponent off guard.

Another is a tactic high-level players use to clutch the late game; If you're holding a position, stock up your makeshift fort with as many evo shields as you can find. Break your opponent's mental as you pop in and out, swapping all the time, and stick it out to that final circle.

Armour swapping might just give you the edge you need when you next drop into Kings Canyon, so look out for death boxes and practice until it’s second nature.

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