Naraka Bladepoint Xbox COUNTDOWN: Release Time, Editions & More

The Xbox and Bethesda Showcase took up two days of this year's Summer Game Fest and presented fans of Microsoft's growing ecosystem with a selection of upcoming titles but one of the more surprising titles to be revealed was a battle royale title by the name of Naraka Bladepoint.

A title that has been finding a great level of success on PC after its initial release in 2021, Naraka Bladepoint has a player base of 10 million and is finally making its way to consoles via Xbox and will be launching on day one via Xbox Game Pass.

Here is everything we know about it so far.

Naraka Bladepoint Release Time

Naraka Bladepoint has been released onto Xbox platforms and is available to all Xbox Game Pass Subscribers.

The release time for Naraka Bladepoint on Xbox Game Pass was Thursday, 23rd June 2022 and it will launch at 03:00 am BST the game is now available to all Xbox Game Pass Subscribers.

Naraka Bladepoint Xbox Game Pass Reveal
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The game will also be available to purchase on Xbox at this time.

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What Are The Different Editions of Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka Bladepoint has three separate editions available for purchase, a standard edition and two special editions that give players extras to enhance their experience with the game. Below you can find a breakdown of the different versions of Naraka Bladepoint

Standard Edition

Naraka Bladepoint Screenshot
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The standard version of Naraka Bladepoint can be purchased for £17.99 and only contains the base game for that price where players will be able to play the 60-player battle royale experience with their customized character.

Deluxe Edition

Naraka Bladepoint Deluxe Edition Upgrade
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The Deluxe edition of Naraka Bladepoint can be purchased for £30.99 gives players access to the base game but also grants players an exclusive spear skin that is unavailable to purchase in-game as well as 10 Immortal Treasure, though it does clarify that the Immortal Treasure will only be given to the player two hours after starting up the game for the first time.

Ultimate Edition

Naraka Bladepoint Ultimate Edition for Xbox
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The Ultimate Edition of Naraka Bladepoint can be purchased for £45.99 and features all the content of the standard and deluxe editions while also giving players an exclusive outfit for Mitari, an exclusive grappling hook and the digital soundtrack and art booklet for those wanting to admire the game fully.

DLC Warning

One thing about Naraka Bladepoint for those who have picked up the standard edition and want to upgrade, there are two DLCs available. One is the Deluxe Edition Upgrade and the other is the Ultimate Edition Upgrade. It's unclear why, but as of writing both of these DLCs only give the benefits unique to that version of the game, meaning that the Ultimate Edition Upgrade DLC only gives you its unique features and not those of the Deluxe Edition. To get all the features, you either have to outright buy the Ultimate Edition or buy both of the DLC packs.

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