WWE 2K23 must acknowledge Roman Reigns, cover and 2K Showcase included

WWE 2K23 is just a handful of months away, but there is already a clear contender to both take the Cover Superstar spot and the 2K Showcase.

Due to his prolific run as champion, WWE 2K23 must acknowledge Roman Reigns with this year's 2K Showcase and Cover Athlete selection.

WWE 2K23 must acknowledge 'The Tribal Chief' Roman Reigns as Cover Superstar

We're still a few months out from any official reveals about WWE 2K23, but the announcement of the game is likely to include the reveal of the next Cover Star.

Since 2K took over for this longstanding WWE Games franchise, they've avoided repeat cover superstars, but now is the perfect time to break that unwritten rule.

Roman Reigns has been ruling over WWE as "The Tribal Chief" for the better part of two whole years, and his championship reign which began in August 2020 is just a few weeks out from being 800 days long.

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WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns
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ACKNOWLEDGE HIM: It's time for the spotlight The Tribal Chief deserves

While not official, the WWE 2K23 release date is predicted to be March 10, 2023, just a few short weeks before WrestleMania 39.

Anything could change, but as of now it looks very likely Roman Reigns will walk into that event defending titles he will have then held for an astonishing 945 straight days.

On top of that, the one cover appearance for Roman Reigns came as a shared cover with Becky Lynch and happened to be the abysmally received WWE 2K20.

No matter who he's up against Roman Reigns defending his nearly 1,000-day reign at WrestleMania 39 would be absolutely massive, and that star power is a no-brainer for the cover of WWE 2K23.

Roman Reigns needs the 2K Showcase in WWE 2K23

While one aspect of this equation is putting him as the face of the game, the additional layer which would be more fitting this year than ever before

Connecting the cover star to the 2K Showcase isn't a new tradition as WWE 2K16 cover star "Stone Cold" Steve Austin took that spotlight while WWE 2K15 cover star John Cena did the same one year before.

WWE 2K20 put the Four Horsewomen in that year's 2K Showcase, lining up with Becky Lynch being on the cover, and this year's WWE 2K22 had Rey Mysterio on the cover and in the showcase.

WWE 2K23
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VARIANTS: The 2K Showcase will often lead to multiple variations of that character making the roster

WWE 2K23 could always shake things up, but sticking to that mold seems very likely considering the success and critical acclaim of WWE 2K22 and the Rey Mysterio 2K Showcase.

The biggest hurdle to a Roman Reigns 2K Showcase may be the elephant in The Shield as his former faction mate Jon Moxley (once known as Dean Ambrose) cannot be in the game.

However, the highlights nature of the 2K Showcase means it's very possible for them to work around that, and Roman Reigns now has plenty of new history to highlight just in the last few years as "The Tribal Chief" came into his own.

We should know more about who gets chosen in January 2023 as the Royal Rumble approaches, but there is simply no more perfect pick for WWE 2K23 than Roman Reigns.

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