WWE 2K23: How to unlock items for FREE

WWE 2K23 Shawn Michaels

WWE 2K23 is finally here, which means you can step into the ring and start to experience one of the greatest wrestling games of all time.

For those who haven't been able to grab the Season Pass for the game, there will be some items not immediately available at the start of the game.

From Superstars, Arenas and Title belts, there are a number of items that are locked, with VC offering the only way to access these items.

With that in mind, we've got you covered for the easiest way to unlock these items in WWE 2K23.

How to unlock items in WWE 2K23

Stars like Triple H, The Rock and Shawn Michaels are all absent from the main roster in WWE 2K23, with these legends - and many more - being locked at the start of the game.

For those without the Season Pass or pre-order bonuses, you'll have to use VC, or Tokens, in order to unlock these stars.

WWE 2K23 Unlockables
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WIN AND SPEND - Putting on classic matches will earn you more VC in WWE 2K23

VC is the in-game currency that you can use to access some of the game's many unlockable items.

Not every item can be unlocked using VC, with some items mode-specific and only accessed through the completion of said modes.

However, for those items that are available to access using VC, you need to know how to get your hands on them.

VC can be earned through completing objectives in modes like MyRISE and Showcase, but also through simply playing matches.

WWE 2K23 Unlockables
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SIMPLY THE BEST - You can unlock some true WWE legends

In any mode, VC can be earned by playing matches and earning a high star rating.

This VC can then be used to unlock Superstars, Arenas and Title belts.

To unlock them, simply navigate to the unlockables menu, select which type of item you wish to unlock and then cash in your VC.

WWE 2K23 Unlockables

There are a number of unlockables available in WWE 2K23, from legendary Superstars to iconic Title Belts.

Over 100 items can be unlocked throughout your time in WWE 2K23 using VC, but some of them will also have to be unlocked through the completion of modes like MyRISE or the John Cena Showcase.

WWE 2K23 WWE Title
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HIDDEN CONTENT - An insane amount of new content can be unlocked in WWE 2K23

Overall, WWE 2K23 offers an incredible breadth of content that keeps on rolling every time you play.

For those that will require VC in order to unlock these items, you can guarantee that almost every match will be followed by an enticing reward.

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