WWE 2K23 Unlockables Guide: How to Unlock EVERY Superstar, Arena & More!

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WWE 2K23 John Cena

WWE 2K23 is finally here, which means you can now take to the ring and get started in 2K's brand-new game.

For those who have pre-ordered the game and purchased the Season Pass, you won't have to worry about all the unlockables featured, but not all of us are so lucky!

From legends of the sport to some of the best arenas around, there are some sensational superstars, shows and title belts all to unlock in WWE 2K23.

With that in mind, we want to take you through all of those unlockables, showing you their price and just how easy it is to unlock them.

LATEST - How to Unlock Everything

WWE 2K23 offers a range of unlockable items, with Superstars, Arenas and Title belts all up for grabs.

Most of these unlockable items require VC/Tokens in order to access them, but some also require the playthrough of the Showcase and MyRISE modes.

WWE 2K23 Shawn Michaels
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LEGENDS OF THE SPORT - Shawn Michaels is unlockable in WWE 2K23

The quickest way to unlock all of these items is to utilise pre-order bonuses or purchase the Season Pass.

Utilising these premium features, you can quickly unlock everything, without having to worry about VC.

The only items you cannot unlock are those hidden behind specific modes, with the John Cena Showcase Mode and parts of MyRISE still requiring completion.

WWE 2K23 John Cena Showcase
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SHOWCASE CLASSIC - You'll need to complete the Showcase mode to unlock exclusive items

Failing that, you can use the traditional method of farming VC in order to unlock all of the items in WWE 2K23, but that is certain to take a fair chunk of time.

The quickest way to gain VC in WWE 2K23 is by playing matches and gaining a high star rating. Extreme rules matches appear to be the best way to get high star ratings, with memorable moments improving your overall match rating.

WWE 2K23 Unlockables

Unlockable content has always been a big part of WWE games and this year's instalment is no different.

All unlockables are available to purchase using VC, an in-game currency you can earn in many ways.

WWE 2K23 Championship
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UNLOCK THEM ALL - VC can be used to unlock all title belts in WWE 2K23

Overall, WWE 2K23 offers a host of unlockable content, from superstars to title belts, with all of it well worth getting your hands on.


The following Superstars are all available to unlock in WWE 2K23, with some legends of the sport hidden at the start.

Name Price
Andre The Giant1,000 VC
Batista1,000 VC
Beth Phoenix1,000 VC
Big Boss Man1,000 VC
Bobby Heenan1,000 VC
Boogeyman 1,000 VC
Booker T1,000 VC
Bret Hart1,000 VC
Brie Bella1,000 VC
British Bulldog1,000 VC
Cactus Jack1,000 VC
Chyna1,000 VC
Diesel1,000 VC
Doink The Clown1,000 VC
Eddie Guerrero1,000 VC
Eric Bischoff1,000 VC
Farooq1,000 VC
Goldberg1,000 VC
Hollywood Hogan1,000 VC
Hulk Hogan1,000 VC
Jake Roberts1,000 VC
JBL1,000 VC
Jean-Paul Levesque1,000 VC
Jerry Lawler1,000 VC
Jim Neidhart1,000 VC
Kane1,000 VC
Kevin Nash1,000 VC
Kevin Nash (NWO)1,000 VC
Macho Man Randy Savage1,000 VC
Maryse1,000 VC
Mighty Molly1,000 VC
Nikki Bella1,000 VC
Razor Ramon1,000 VC
Rey Mysterio Jr. 1,000 VC
Rikishi1,000 VC
Roddy Piper1,000 VC
Scott Hall1,000 VC
Scott Hall (NWO)1,000 VC
Shane McMahon1,000 VC
Shawn Michaels1,000 VC
Stacy Keibler1,000 VC
Stephanie McMahon1,000 VC
Stone Cold Steve Austin1,000 VC
Syxx1,000 VC
The Rock1,000 VC
Ted DiBiase1,000 VC
The Hurriance1,000 VC
Triple H1,000 VC
Trish Stratus1,000 VC
Ultimate Warrior1,000 VC
Umaga1,000 VC
Undertaker1,000 VC
Undertaker '981,000 VC
Vader1,000 VC
X-Pac1,000 VC
Yokozuna1,000 VC
WWE 2K23 Triple H
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TIME TO PLAY THE GAME - Triple H can be unlocked in WWE 2K23

All Superstars are available to purchase for 1,000 VC, meaning you'd need around the 60,000 mark to unlock the full set of Wrestling greats.


Superstars aren't the only things you can unlock in WWE 2K23, with a number of arenas also available to unlock.

Unlike the Superstars, some of these arenas have to be unlocked in Showcase Mode and cannot be unlocked using VC.

Name Price
RAW - Thunderdome500 VC
RAW 2005500 VC
SmackDown - Thunderdome500 VC
SummerSlam '88500 VC
WCW Halloween Havoc 1997500 VC
WCW Nitro '98500 VC
Smackdown 2002Showcase Unlockable
Backlash 2003Showcase Unlockable
Vengeance 2003Showcase Unlockable
New Year's Revolution 2006Showcase Unlockable
ECW One Night Stand 2006Showcase Unlockable
SummerSlam 2006Showcase Unlockable
Night of Champions 2008Showcase Unlockable
SummerSlam 2008Showcase Unlockable
Hell In A Cell 2009Showcase Unlockable
WrestleMania 28Showcase Unlockable
SummerSlam 2014Showcase Unlockable
SummerSlam 2016Showcase Unlockable
WrestleMania 34Showcase Unlockable
SummerSlam 2021Showcase Unlockable
RAW 2002MyRISE Unloackable
WWE Live Event ArenaMyRISE Unloackable
War Games Arena (MyRISE)MyRISE Unloackable
BCW School GymMyRISE Unloackable

As you can see, there are some unique arenas available to purchase by playing through WWE 2K23's MyRISE mode as well, with house show arenas and the BCW school gym providing a different flavour in this year's game.

Championships (Title Belts)

There are a huge number of title belts available to use in WWE 2K23, but there are even more that you can unlock and use.


From heavyweight titles to unique tag belts, all of these championships are well worth unlocking.

WWE 2K23 Cena Showcase
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CLASSIC TITLES - Some iconic former titles can be unlocked in WWE 2K23

On top of that, all of these belts are available for just 100 VC, making them cheap and easy to unlock.

Name Price
ECW Championship 08-10100 VC
ECW World Championship 06-08100 VC
ECW World Heavyweight Championship 94-01100 VC
ECW Tag Championship 100 VC
ECW World TV Championship100 VC
Hardcore Championship100 VC
LeftRightLeftRight Championship100 VC
Million Dollar Championship100 VC
NXT Championship 12-17100 VC
NXT Championship 17-21100 VC
NXT Cruiserweight Championship100 VC
NXT Tag Championships 13-17100 VC
NXT UK Tag Team Championship100 VC
NXT UK Women's Championship100 VC
NXT United Kingdom Championship100 VC
NXT Women's Championship 13-17100 VC
NXT Women's Championship 17-21100 VC
Performance Centre Championship100 VC
UpUpDownDown Championship100 VC
WCW Cruiserweight Championship100 VC
WCW Hardcore Championship100 VC
WCW US Championship100 VC
WCW Women's Classic Championship100 VC
WCW World Heavyweight Championship 91-93100 VC
WCW World Heavyweight Championship (NWO)100 VC
WCW World Heavyweight Championship (NWO Wolfpac)100 VC
WCW Tag Traem Championship100 VC
WCW Tag Team Championship 91-96100 VC
World Tag Team Championship 02-10100 VC
World Tag Team Championship 97-02100 VC
World Wide Wrestling Heavyweight Championship100 VC
WWE Championship 88-98100 VC
WWE Championship 98-02100 VC
WWE Championship (Brahma Bull)100 VC
WWE Heavyweight Championship (Smoking Skull) 100 VC
WWE Cruiserweight Championship 01-07100 VC
WWE Divas Championship100 VC
WWE European Championship100 VC
WWE Intercontinental Championship 11-19100 VC
WWE Intercontinental Championship 90100 VC
WWE Intercontinental Championship 94100 VC
WWE Intercontinental Championship 98-11100 VC
WWE Light Heavyweight Championship100 VC
WWE Tag Team Championship 02-10100 VC
WWE Tag Team Championship 10-16100 VC
WWE UK Championship100 VC
WWE United States Championship 03-20100 VC
WWE United States Championship (Cena variant)100 VC
WWE Universal Championship (RAW)100 VC
WWE Women's Championship 98-10100 VC
24/7 Championship100 VC
WWE Championship 13-14Showcase Unlockable
WWE Championship 05-13Showcase Unlockable
WWE Undisputed ChampionshipShowcase Unlockable
World Heavyweight ChampionshipShowcase Unlockable

Once again, some of these championship titles are hidden within some of WWE 2K23's game modes, with some of the most popular belts hidden within the John Cena Showcase mode.

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