WWE 2K23 cover star favorite now unlikely to even make the roster

While we're still months away from the next chapter, speculation is already rolling about who will be the WWE 2K23 cover star.

One name has been a favorite going back to WWE 2K22, but it now looks like she won't even make the WWE 2K23 roster.

WWE 2K23 cover star favorite Sasha Banks may not make the roster

Going into the launch of WWE 2K22, there were a few names circulating about who might be chosen as the cover star for the series reboot.

Rey Mysterio was undeniable as a top selection once revealed, but there was one other name that constantly entered the conversation.

Going all the way back to May 2021, the WWE on FOX account on Twitter had a fan poll to choose the WWE 2K22 cover star which Sasha Banks handily won.

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THE BOSS: Sasha Banks was a fan-favorite to grace the WWE 2K22 cover

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Fan reaction was understandably positive to the news, and our later WWE 2K22 cover athlete predictions in July 2021 and November 2021 still showed Banks as a favorite to take the honor.

With another strong run since the release of WWE 2K22 that included Sasha Banks and Naomi winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 38, at first it seemed she was yet again in line to earn a cover spot.

Unfortunately, news of her potential departure from WWE as a company could see Sasha Banks missing from the WWE 2K23 roster entirely.

Sasha Banks reportedly released by WWE

It's been several weeks since then-champions Sasha Banks and Naomi tried to push back against poor WWE booking of the Women's Tag Team Titles.

Banks and Naomi stood their ground and walked out only to be suspended by the company, and since that moment we've seen little movement from WWE to admit their wrongs and secure these two undeniable talents.

That situation escalated to a new level when Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. reported that Sasha Banks had been released by the company.

Further reporting by Fightful Select and Andrew Zarian stopped short of confirming the news, but did add some credence to the likelihood that it would ring true.

This all continued to be built upon when WrestleVotes reported ahead of SmackDown that multiple sources believed the report of her release was accurate.

Unless something changes drastically in the near future, it's looking like WWE 2K22 may be the final time we see Sasha Banks in this franchise.

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