WATCH: Booker T and Ric Flair scanned for WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is targeting a release date later this year, and the excitement continues to build with new behind the scenes videos about the development process.

The latest features WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and Ric Flair, and a new video shows each of them getting scanned for WWE 2K22.

WATCH: Booker T and Ric Flair get scanned for WWE 2K22

As previously confirmed by WWE 2K22 Creative Director Lynell Jinks in a first look at the development for the title, Visual Concepts is planning to release several behind the scenes videos in the build towards the game's release.

The latest video, which can be seen above, showcases a new scanning rig used by Visual Concepts in the development of WWE 2K22.

Fellow two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductees Booker T and Ric Flair are both seen in the video using the scanning rig, which confirms both legends should be in the upcoming release.

This is the second behind the scenes video we've seen, as the first showcased the making of Rey Mysterio's entrance in the game, and there should be more videos in the coming weeks and months.

New scanning technology should help improve graphics

One of the primary complaints about WWE 2K20 was the game's overall graphics and the quality of the models used in the game.

Fans particularly took aim because of comparisons that showed WWE 2K19 models side by side with WWE 2K20 models and showcased a clear decline in graphics quality.

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HIGH TECH: The new scanning rig should help boost graphics

Fortunately, it appears that was something Visual Concepts and WWE Games are well aware of, as this new scanning rig with 80 high resolution cameras and new software should allow them the best scans ever.

Only time will tell how the models come out in the final product, but the scans of Rey Mysterio and Cesaro seen in the trailer for the title are definitely a good sign.

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