WWE 2K22 MyGM: How to create a custom draft pool, tips for a better draft

WWE 2K22 MyGM has revived the long beloved GM Mode for a new age, and it's come with new features like using a custom GM or even a custom draft pool.

With the right changes a custom draft pool can set you up for success, and we've got all the details you need on how to create the best one in WWE 2K22 MyGM.

WWE 2K22: How to create a custom draft pool for MyGM

After you've decided which GM you're going to use in the WWE 2K22 MyGM game mode, the next big decision before starting your draft is whether you want to use a custom draft pool.

While the game's default draft pool is plenty workable, some players may want to add more legends into the main draft mix, remove superstars they don't want to use, or make one of many other changes.

WWE 2K22 MyGM Custom Draft Pool
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SETTINGS: These can only be set once at MyGM save creation

Switch the setting for Draft Pool to Custom, and at that point you'll have to select one of the draft pool slots to edit.

Once you're in the draft pool editing screen, the sheer volume of information at your disposal can be overwhelming, but the thing you will most likely be doing is changing their Status.

WWE 2K22 MyGM draft pool edit
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THE FOUNDATION: Setting up your draft pool will impact the whole MyGM save

Superstars can have their Status set as one of the following four options: Active, Inactive, Legend, or Local.

Active superstars will be an available part of the draft pool, but that Status also means they'll be in the pool of talents that can be available as a Free Agent in MyGM.

If you set someone to Inactive, they'll be excluded entirely from your MyGM save and won't be draftable or signable by you or the opposing GM.

Legend status will put those talents in MyGM as signable Legends, but they won't be a part of the actual draft and can't be signed as a Free Agent.

Legend status comes with its pros and cons, the biggest drawback being it's not possible to sign them to a Permanent contract, and this means your Legends will always need an additional payment at a later time if you hope to keep them on your roster.

LEGENDARY STAR: Legends have a major boost in MyGM
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LEGENDARY STAR: Legends have a major boost in MyGM

On the plus side, any Legend will not have to worry about Star Power, as Legends all default to the 5-Star equivalent Legend Star Power.

While regular superstars need to be built up with higher popularity to have a higher Star Power and give those bonuses to the show, Legends keep their Star Power regardless of their Popularity at a given time.

For most players, making these Status changes is all you should really be worrying about, just keep in mind that a larger pool makes it possible that some of the names included don't make it onto the draft board and may have to be hunted as free agents later on.

Tips for the best draft pool to make MyGM easier

While editing your draft pool can be focused on simply making fun changes, there are definitely ways to shift the balance and set yourself up for success with the right draft pool.

First off, you'll want to be careful in making big changes because they can significantly tip the balance or give you an otherwise difficult to work with selection.

The first thing to note is that by using the Right Stick to navigate between the four columns (Status, Popularity, Role, Class) you'll be able to edit all of these categories for any existing WWE superstar or created superstar.

Popularity is one you'll want to be careful not to increase too much, as higher popularity often means a much higher cost to sign that superstar and make them less feasible to add to your roster.

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CHANGE EVERYTHING: You'll be able to edit Status, Popularity, Role, and Class

Role is an easy swap, and there's no harm in switching it around as long as you keep the balance of Heel and Face superstars aligned for the draft pool as a whole.

Finally there's Class, and this can be an extremely beneficial category to tweak, as players who have already made a run through MyGM have have realized there's a frustrating shortage of options in the Giant category.

This makes booking a challenge, as you'll always want to capitalize on beneficial Class matchups like Giant vs. Cruiser or Bruiser vs. Fighter.

If you had trouble getting that balance right, go through and change a few Bruiser or Fighter superstars you feel could fit the Giant class into that.

Make sure it's more than just one or two, since you can't guarantee they'll be in the core group pulled for the draft, but make sure not to do too many and mixup the balance of classes in the overall pool too much.

MyGM is always a give and take, and it takes time to figure out how to get things to work exactly right. The same is true of creating a custom draft pool, so give yourself a few tries to get things working best for you.

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