WWE 2K22: How to pin your opponent, tips for every pinfall type

WWE 2K22 has finally arrived, and there's no doubt some players will have trouble adjusting to the controls and scoring the pin.

We've got all the tips you need on how to pin your opponent in WWE 2K22, including with special types like Dirty or Leverage Pins.

WWE 2K22: How to pin your opponent

While there are other ways to win, the most common method of victory in WWE 2K22 will be by pinning your opponent to the mat for the count of three.

There are plenty of steps you'll need to take in each match to wear your opponent down enough to actually stay down for the count, but once you've hit a potentially match-ending move you'll need to pin them.

The good news is that the WWE 2K22 controls to initiate a pin are relatively consistent this year, as you'll almost always just want to move the Right Stick down.

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ROPE BREAK: Be careful of your positioning when making a pin

If you're standing near a downed opponent, this will initiate the pin from the closest reasonable spot, but sometimes that could trigger a rope break.

If you need to move your opponent to a better position in the ring before making the pin, press B or Circle to Grab and then tap LB or L1 to initiate a Drag, at which point you can drag their body closer to the center of the ring.

Dirty Pins, Playing Possum, and Leverage Pins

While you can happily use standard pins and continue to excel in WWE 2K22, there are a few advanced options that can work in your favor.

If you're willing to bend the rules and take a bit of a risk, you can do a Dirty Pin by standing between a downed opponent and the ropes before pressing RT or R2 while pressing the Right Stick down.

While only Heel wrestlers will get the prompt for it, all superstars can do this. You'll have a better chance of winning, but if the referee spots your character's feet on the ropes there's a chance they'll break up the pin attempt.

WWE 2K22 dirty pin
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DIRTY PIN: Prop those feet up on the ropes for an extra boost

Playing Possum is also a great way to snag a surprise pin, sometimes even when you're on the losing end of a match, as this one is triggered while laying on the mat.

While laying down with your opponent standing nearby, move the Right Stick down while also pressing down on the Directional Pad. Together, these will trigger a Possum Pin, but this uses one Special Stock.

Finally, there are Leverage Pins which can only happen when you're behind a standing opponent. Move the Right Stick down, and this positioning will trigger a Leverage Pin, which are even more effective if the opponent was taunting or distracted.

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