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WWE 2K22: How to get up faster or kip up with Instant Recovery

WWE 2K22 has finally arrived after plenty of anticipation, and this year's game took some of the classic gameplay aspects and improved on them once again.

If you're struggling to get back to your feet in an important match, we've got everything you need to know about how to get up faster in WWE 2K22, including with instant recovery.

WWE 2K22: How to get up faster

If you're already diving into WWE 2K22 gameplay, you may have noticed that perhaps the most frustrating moments are when your character is stuck on the mat and desperately needs to make a comeback.

Fortunately, there are a few methods to speed this process up and get up faster to put you right back in the fight in WWE 2K22.

The first method is one most players will be familiar with, though it hasn't always been clear as an official recovery method in the past.

WWE 2K22 how to get up faster
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KEEP PRESSING: The tiny blue arrows can be spotted by your limb damage

If you've ever played a classic wrestling game, smashing the A button on Xbox or the X button on PlayStation has always felt like it would get you to your feet faster.

That's actually true this year, as Recovery Speed is directly impacted by tapping A (or X) quickly while your character is either damaged on the mat or leaning against a part of the environment.

You'll even be able to spot a little arrow icon near your limb health on the in-game display that will show you if your frantic button mashing has succeeded.

How to Kip Up or Sit Up with Instant Recovery

If simply smashing that button isn't fast enough for you, there is another method to get back to your feet instantly in WWE 2K22.

In order to do this, you'll need at least one Special Stock saved, which are the blue bars on your display above where your Finisher progress is shown.

WWE 2K22 special stock
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SPECIAL STOCK: These blue bars aren't just to notify when you'll get a Signature

These can be used for a handful of purposes, but you can perform an Instant Recovery to kip up or sit up immediately and get back into the action by pressing RB or R1 to activate this feature.

If an opponent is close enough to you when doing this, it can also trigger a Possum Attack instead of simply getting you on your feet.

You can customize the recovery type under the Movement section in Create-A-Moveset to choose from the Kip Up, the Deadman (sit up), or the Normal variety where your character simply rolls to their feet.

WWE 2K22 early recovery
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RISK AND REWARD: You can get up faster with this, but at a cost

You'll also have an Early Recovery option in multi-competitor matches when knocked down and to the outside where pressing RB or R1 will allow you to get back up quicker but at the cost of a temporary debuff.

As the button press for this is the same as Instant Recovery, you will not be able to use that when knocked down and to the outside in multi-person matches.

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