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WWE 2K22: How to get your Signature and Finisher faster, tips to fill Special meter

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If you really want to take out your opponents in WWE 2K22, you'll need to be utilizing as many Signature and Finisher moves as you possibly can in each match.

We've got tips on how to fill that Special and Finisher meter faster in WWE 2K22 so you can deliver a crucial match-winning move when it counts.

WWE 2K22: How to get your Signature and Finisher faster

While the WWE 2K22 controls this year offer more variety than ever when it comes to deciding how you'll damage your opponent, there are some tried and true methods to get your Signature and Finisher faster.

If you want to use a Signature, you'll need to fill all three blue bars in the Special Meter seen below. Using a Signature will use all three and deplete the meter back to zero.

WWE 2K22 special stock
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SPECIAL STOCK: These blue bars aren't just to notify when you'll get a Signature

Every attack you do in a match will increase your Special Meter, as can taking damage, but the best way to boost your Finisher and Special Meter quicker is by doing successful Dive and Springboard attacks.

While risky, these moves will give a significant boost to those meters over other types of moves done in a match. You can use the bars of Special Stock in your Special Meter for other things like Instant Recovery or Payback, but will need all three to hit a Signature.

It's also good to keep in mind that you can't bank more than three Special Stock, and you can't save more than three Finishers at a time.

How to use Taunts to get more Signatures and Finishers

While just doing moves in the ring will increase your Special Meter and Finisher Meter, there is another more focused way to boost these gains in WWE 2K22.

You'll need to actually utilize your character's Taunts, which do far more than just antagonize others and garner a reaction, as they can increase your meter gains.

If you perform a Crowd Taunt (Left on the Directional Pad) it will boost the speed of your Special Meter gain, but not your Finisher Meter.

If you perform an Opponent Taunt (Right on Directional Pad) it will boost your Finisher Meter gains, but not your Special Meter.

Be careful when doing these, as trying one too early in a match could leave you vulnerable to attack by your opponent.

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