WWE 2K22: How to kick out of pins

WWE 2K22 is finally here, and another year means another set of challenges in each match as players try to kick out of pins and strive for the win.

We've got the tips and details you need to kick out more often and escape pinfalls in WWE 2K22 so you can get back in the fight and go for the victory.

WWE 2K22: How to kick out of pins

As great as it can be to deal damage in a match, none of that will matter if you're failing to kick out every single time you're pinned in WWE 2K22.

On the surface the WWE 2K22 controls present a simple button-mash option, but there are ways to change things up and other ways to get yourself out of key pinfalls.

For default controls, you'll need to rapidly press A or X (depending on platform) in order to fill the Kick Out circle and escape the pin.

WWE 2K22 controls how to kick out of pins pinfalls
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QUICKLY: Tap that button as rapidly as you possibly can, if you're on default options

There are two key options that can change things up for you if you're struggling with the rapid button press option when escaping pinfalls in WWE 2K22.

If you head into Gameplay Options from the Main Menu, you'll find one labeled "Allow Held Input For Mini-Games," and this will let players to simply hold down the corresponding button and get the same benefits of the rapid press.

WWE 2K22 controls options settings
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OPTIONS: Don't be afraid to change things up if the default settings don't work for you

You can see the settings above, and just before that option you'll also spot one for "Pin Mini-Game" where you can set it to "Rapid" or "Timed."

WWE 2K22 timed
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ALL ABOUT TIMING: Players who were masters of the timed kickout can return to that

If you prefer to go with the old mechanic, you can select "Timed" in those options to instead go back to the blue bar where a timed button press is required to kick out of pins.

How to use Resiliency to escape pinfalls

Finally, there's one other escape method you'll be able to rely on in a pinch if things are going south and you don't believe you'd be able to kick out in time.

WWE 2K22 has a Payback setting where every wrestler chooses a specific Payback ability, but by far the most useful tends to be Resiliency.

You can set this as a default Payback on created characters or choose it at match creation if you're using members of the WWE 2K22 roster to play.

WWE 2K22 controls resiliency
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LAST RESORT: Resiliency is there in a pinch if you really need it

In order to utilize your Payback ability, in this case Resiliency, you'll need two Special Stock bars saved up, which are the blue ones by your Finisher meter. These are the same ones you can see here which are used for Instant Recovery.

If you have two Special Stock, you'll be able to press RT + Y or R2 + Triangle in order to activate Resiliency and guarantee an immediate kick out regardless of how damaged your character is.

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