WWE 2K22: How to play Superstar Mode in AEW (Universe Mode)

WWE 2K22 has just arrived, but thanks to a wide creator community there are already tons of ways to bring other parts of wrestling into the game like AEW.

With the new Superstar Mode in place as part of Universe Mode, a little legwork and setup can let you get AEW rolling for your WWE 2K22 experience.

WWE 2K22: How to play Superstar Mode in AEW (Universe Mode)

If you're new to the WWE 2K franchise, it may be surprising to see images floating around of competitors in the game that have never been a part of WWE, but that's the joy of Community Creations.

Other creators will make custom superstars, titles, arenas, and entire shows and with this year's addition of Cross-Platform Community Creations they're more accessible to players than ever before.

You could always have one match here or there, but Universe Mode allows players to build a company basically from the ground up and remain in complete control by editing the shows, championships, and every little detail.

WWE 2K22 AEW Superstar Mode
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SUPERSTAR MODE: You can go into options to change between Superstar and Classic

This year they've added Superstar Mode, and this allows you to pick one specific superstar on a given Universe Mode save and change things to where the game will book the shows while you only have control of that single competitor.

While creating a Universe Mode save, normally if you first select Superstar Mode it will default to the current WWE settings, but there is a way around this if you want a more unique experience.

Universe Mode has a setting that actively lets you switch between Classic Mode and Superstar Mode, so you can carefully build a curated save with customized shows, roster, championships, and more and then switch to Superstar Mode with your chosen character.

Tips for creating AEW in Universe Mode

One of the first things you'll realize is that this isn't going to be a quick process, and getting something like this setup in WWE 2K22 can take quite a while.

You'll first need to start a new Universe Mode save, and from there will need to get your Shows in place. There are highly rated options for AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage already available on Community Creations under Shows, but you will need several other pieces to finish this puzzle.

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ALL ELITE CREATIONS: Go searching for the ones you want

The downloaded shows do not come with the needed roster or champions, both things you will have to download separately to use. You'll also notice that not all uploaded creations are equal, with some missing custom renders or movesets, and these are things where you may need to make your own edits based on how accurate you want things to be.

When setting your shows, a common issue to run into is that when deleting the existing shows one may tell you that you can't delete it because you need at least one Major Show, despite the fact that you likely set AEW Dynamite or AEW Rampage as a Major Show.

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THE CHAMPION: Make sure you've got the proper gold

This seems to be linked to Championships, as once one of those shows had titles properly associated with them, it allowed us to delete the existing WWE shows and continuing customizing things.

The other thing you'll need for this task is patience, both for the steps it will take to fine tune everything but also patience with creators as they continue to upload quality creations for WWE 2K22.

If you're having trouble finding something specific, try variations of possible keywords or search for the creators themselves on Twitter or YouTube where you may find more details on how to find their various creations.

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