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WWE 2K22 Universe Mode: Player locked Superstar Mode set to debut

While MyGM is getting plenty of spotlight, WWE 2K22 Universe Mode brings the ultimate level of control back to players this year.

Superstar Mode arrives for the first time, and this player locked addition to WWE 2K22 Universe Mode could be a game changer.

WWE 2K22 Universe Mode: MyGM will not mark the end for this full control experience

While plenty of the WWE 2K22 excitement has been pointed towards the revival of GM Mode in MyGM, that doesn't mean Universe Mode is going anywhere.

On the contrary, this fully immersive "God Mode" as developers have called it will return in WWE 2K22, and players will once again have full control over their shows.

As it has been in previous years, Universe Mode allows players to build a brand or full company of shows from scratch with control over every aspect of the game.

Whether it's crafting long term rivalries, deciding who will win each match, or simply putting together dream matches left and right, Universe Mode lets players do things their way.

We haven't yet gotten a Ringside Report taking a closer look at Universe Mode this year, but it sounds like most of the functionality of the past will return in what is hopefully a less glitch-ridden title.

Superstar Mode arrives in WWE 2K22 for the first time

While it hasn't gotten a ton of detail so far ahead of launch, one thing we know is arriving in WWE 2K22 Universe Mode is the addition of Superstar Mode.

This new game mode will operate within Universe Mode, but it will instead put the focal point on just one single Superstar rather than everything.

Superstar Mode will use the same engine, but it will player lock users to their chosen competitor, and as a result that's the only piece of the puzzle you'll have control of.

WWE 2K22 Universe Mode Superstar
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BE THE QUEEN: Control Charlotte Flair as you hit Superstar Mode this year

As of now, the mode feels like a simplified single player story mode of the past, but a big difference is that you'll be able to use established superstars and not solely created ones.

MyRISE looks to revamp MyCAREER this year in a whole new way, but one thing that's not changing is it'll be rooted in your created superstar.

If you'd rather choose someone from the existing WWE 2K22 roster to play as, Superstar Mode may become the new perfect place to go.

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