WWE 2K22 must make Universe Mode a proper GM Mode

WWE 2K22 is gearing up for a major release later this year, but they'll need to address Universe Mode and the similarities it lacks to a proper GM Mode.

With true competition popping up thanks to AEW Elite GM, there are some changes WWE 2K22 can make to create a proper GM Mode, even if it ends up being called Universe Mode.

Universe Mode is not GM Mode

WWE fans and gamers have been clamoring to get GM Mode back in the WWE wrestling sim series for over a decade.

WWE 2K22 Universe Mode GM Mode
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NOT QUITE: Universe Mode isn't the GM Mode fans want

The WWE 2K series has had Universe Mode in the title for the last several installments, but there are some major missing elements that keep this from being a proper GM Mode.

Easily the most glaring is that Universe Mode essentially operates like a sandbox, and there are no clear goals, challenges, or win conditions like there once was in GM Mode.

AEW Elite GM is ready to compete

Many could argue with the flaws in WWE 2K20 that it seemed like the series was coasting on their past proven success, but that doesn't appear to be the case with WWE 2K22.

That's especially good news when considering the fact that upper-level competition is finally starting to materialize in the former of AEW's upcoming mobile game Elite General Manager.

WWE 2K22 Universe Mode GM Mode AEW Elite GM General Manager
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ELITE COMPETITION: WWE isn't operating in a vacuum anymore

While the game doesn't yet have a release date, sign-ups just went public for anyone to request access to the Closed Beta for AEW Elite GM.

Competition & Challenges are most important

One of the key aspects that made GM Mode so enthralling when it was introduced in the SmackDown vs. Raw series over a decade ago was the competition factor.

Players could challenge themselves against a friend or the AI in GM Mode by striving to create the most engaging brand possible, managing money, and aiming to increase ratings.

Trophies and accomplishments could be earned in the game for succeeding in GM Mode, and similar elements are already being teased for AEW Elite GM.

As much fun as it can be to go crazy in Universe Mode, it's the challenges and determination to win that will help keep players coming back rather than getting bored and moving their attention elsewhere.

Universe Mode already has a lot to work with

The good news is that WWE 2K22 already has plenty of groundwork that's been laid by Universe Mode in recent years, as much of the mechanics needed for a proper GM Mode are already in place.

WWE 2K22 Universe Mode GM Mode
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TIME TO ADAPT: Universe Mode can make changes to become a proper GM Mode

Integrating a money management feature into the existing Universe Mode and providing challenges or the option to compete against another brand would go a long way to maximizing what's already there.

Universe Mode has some of the pieces, but it still needs work to be the GM Mode that fans and gamers want to see in WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 should further embrace online play

Another big way that WWE 2K22 can really take things to another level with Universe Mode as a proper GM Mode would be integrating it for online play.

This might be the biggest technical undertaking compared to adding other features mentioned here, but the ability to connect with others online in a proper GM Mode could be a huge upgrade for the series.

The first way players could interact would be through competition, specifically by challenging other brands controlled by online players and trying to book better shows with better ratings that make more money.

On top of that, there's a possibility for to upgrade online cooperative play by allowing other players to join in someone else's game and play through some of the Universe Mode matches, effectively creating a cooperative online Franchise Mode for WWE 2K22.

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