AEW Elite GM finally gets an official release date

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AEW Elite GM, or Elite General Manager, is finally ready to bring the fan-favorite GM Mode to mobile platforms with AEW Games.

We're still waiting on news about the eventual AEW Console Game, but you'll be able to start playing AEW Elite GM very soon!

AEW Elite GM Release Date Revealed

AEW Elite GM has finally been given a release date by AEW Games as part of a teaser announcement video revealed on Twitter.

The official AEW Elite GM release date is July 15, 2021, and it will be available that day on both iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play.

The brief AEW Elite GM beta saw success and helped developers pinpoint where work still needs to be done, which is a good sign of how the game's production is going.

AEW Elite GM Teaser Trailer screenshot
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If you're looking for a different flavor of AEW gaming, the AEW Casino Double or Nothing title was their first to launch and is available now.

Teaser Trailer

When it was revealed during the AEW Games announcement in November of 2020, AEW also provided us with an official Teaser Trailer for AEW Elite GM.

This trailer provided our first glimpse at AEW Elite GM, and you could already see some of the core art style and gameplay that they've continued to reveal since then.

Gameplay Trailer

We got another sneak peek during the AEW Games 2.Show episode in January, but it was the release on February 25, 2020 that provided the best pre-release look at the title.

After giving a preview of the gameplay in the larger episode, AEW Games unveiled the official Core Gameplay Trailer for AEW Elite GM.

While the art style and overall feel of the game is consistent with the early view in the teaser trailer, there are definite improvements in even this pre-alpha footage that show the game became more polished.

AEW Referee and Project Lead for AEW Elite GM Aubrey Edwards talks viewers through the Core Gameplay Trailer, explaining how the cost of signing wrestlers to your roster will be influenced by their in-game stats.

Crystallized Games on board as AEW Elite GM developer

While a relatively new studio, AEW Elite GM is not the first project for Crystallized Games, which was founded in 2016.

AEW Elite GM Core Gameplay Trailer screenshot
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Led by CEO Stephen Kim, a former project manager in the mining industry, and CCO Adam Collver, an experienced digital artist from the VFX industry, the two came together to found Crystallized Games.

The studio previously released Relic Raiders, a free-to-play character-based arena fighting game, on Steam in October of 2018.

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