WWE 2K22 now 25% off with Prime Day discount on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

WWE 2K22 has been out for months, but the good news is that means players who haven't yet grabbed in can get some major savings.

We've got details on all the WWE 2K22 discounts for Prime Day so players can snag their copy on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

WWE 2K22 Prime Day Sale Price & Discounts

Prime Day is officially here, and it can be chaos to keep up with all the various discounts wrapped up into the day.

However, players who have been back and forth about grabbing WWE 2K22 can have their patience pay off this time.

For Prime Day, WWE 2K22 is now on sale at up to 25% off across various platforms and editions.

Here are the WWE 2K22 deals you can grab and how much each will cost:

For players on PS4, PS5, and Xbox One, this discount is only active for the Standard Edition, though all will benefit from more than 20% off the full price.

WWE 2K22 Season Pass included in Deluxe & nWo 4-Life Editions

If you're on Xbox Series X|S or PC and considering one of the higher end editions due to the current discount, there's one major benefit that could make it worthwhile.

While the WWE 2K22 roster is one of the most extensive we've seen in years, they've also continued to add to that roster with post-launch DLC.

WWE 2K22 sale discount dlc
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POST-LAUNCH: These superstars and many more joined the game after launch

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We're now closing in on the fifth of five different DLC packs release for WWE 2K22, and together they add nearly two dozen more superstars to the roster.

Players who purchase the Standard Edition will have to buy the WWE 2K22 Season Pass or individual DLC packs separately if they hope to use those superstars.

However, players who snag the Deluxe Edition or nWo 4-Life Edition will get the Season Pass as an included bonus, and this will majorly expand the roster for you.

We've got more details here on the upcoming arrival of The Whole Dam Pack DLC for WWE 2K22.

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