WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date, Stand Back Pack is next to join the roster

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While the roster was already bursting at the seams at launch, the arrival of the next WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date is just around the corner.

We've got details on the WWE 2K22 Release Date for every different pack and which superstars are confirmed to be joining the official roster.

Latest - Most Wanted Pack arrives

After another period of waiting, the next WWE 2K22 DLC has arrived in the form of the Most Wanted Pack.

Top stars of the past, present, and future are now available in-game for players who have the Season Pass or purchase the Most Wanted Pack separately.

If you have the Season Pass and don't yet see the wrestlers on your in-game roster, be sure to head to your console store and ensure the DLC is downloaded.

After that, you may need to check the installed game and add-ons to confirm the DLC has properly installed to award you access.

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WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date for Every Pack

There's no denying the WWE 2K22 Roster was already strong at launch, especially as several recently released superstars were still included despite their departure from the company.

However, things are due to get more excited when each WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date arrives to bring a new pack of superstars to the roster.

If you purchased either the Deluxe or nWo 4-Life Editions of WWE 2K22, those came with the Season Pass which includes all five of the DLC packs.

WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date Roster
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MORE ON THE WAY: Over two dozen new roster members will be added

If you want to purchase the Season Pass separately, it's available for $39.99 and can be purchased as an add-on from your platform's online store.

Here are the five packs and the official WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date for each:

  • Banzai Pack - Tuesday, April 26, 2022 (Now Available)
  • Most Wanted Pack - Tuesday, May 17, 2022 (Now Available)
  • Stand Back Pack - Tuesday, June 7, 2022
  • Clowning Around Pack - Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  • The Whole Dam Pack - Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Each of the five DLC packs will also be available to purchase separately if players only want to grab superstars from one or two of them rather than the whole group via the Season Pass.

The Banzai Pack and Most Wanted Pack were listed separately for $9.99, and we expect each of the subsequent packs will be available individually for the same price.

WWE 2K22 DLC Roster: List of Superstars in Every Pack

While there's always a chance things could change, we have already gotten confirmation of which superstars are planned for the WWE 2K22 DLC Roster.

Across all five packs there are 28 superstars, legends, or celebrities expected to be added to the WWE 2K22 roster, but at least one (Nash Carter) has since been released by WWE and may be removed from these packs.

Until there's any confirmation of a change, this is the official WWE 2K22 DLC Roster for each pack:

  • Banzai Pack
    • Yokozuna
    • Umaga
    • Rikishi
    • Omos
    • Kacy Catanzaro
  • Most Wanted Pack
    • Cactus Jack
    • The Boogeyman
    • Vader
    • Ilja Dragunov
    • Indi Hartwell
  • Stand Back Pack
    • Hurricane Helms
    • Stacy Kiebler
    • A-Kid
    • Wes Lee
    • Nash Carter (released by WWE)
  • Clowning Around Pack
    • Doink the Clown
    • Ronda Rousey
    • The British Bulldog
    • Mr. T
    • Doudrop
    • Rick Boogs
  • The Whole Dam Pack
    • Rob Van Dam
    • Logan Paul
    • Machine Gun Kelly
    • LA Knight
    • Xia Li
    • Commander Azeez
    • Sarray

With several released WWE stars still making it into the launch WWE 2K22 roster, as of now we expect these will ring true when each DLC pack is released.

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