Will Cody Rhodes be in WWE 2K22?

With the continued presence of "The American Nightmare" following his return to the company, many are wondering when he'll hit WWE 2K22.

Looking at what they've released so far and what we already know is in the works, let's take a closer look at whether Cody Rhodes will join the WWE 2K22 roster.

Will Cody Rhodes be in WWE 2K22?

After years away from the company, Cody Rhodes shocked the world by returning to WWE at WrestleMania as the surprise opponent for Seth Rollins.

Following the dissipation of that initial shock, it quickly became the new normal to see Cody Rhodes every single week on WWE television.

As for whether or not he'll soon have the same presence in WWE 2K22, the answer to that question remains frustratingly unclear.

WWE 2K22 Cody Rhodes
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CODY-ISH: You can already find Cody Rhodes in the downloadable Community Creations

It currently looks unlikely that he'll be formally added to the game, partially because of agreements that would need to be reached regarding his music and other details.

The most likely choice by 2K would instead be to save Cody Rhodes for WWE 2K23, as his inclusion could become a major selling point and he might even have a shot at being cover superstar.

When could Cody Rhodes join the WWE 2K22 roster?

While his inclusion seems unlikely, there is still a chance that Cody Rhodes could join the WWE 2K22 roster.

This is especially the case if they end up keeping the spring release window and don't release WWE 2K23 this fall.

If Cody Rhodes is brought into the game, he could be used as a surprise content addition in an upcoming update much like the MyGM upgrades and NXT 2.0 arena were added.

However, more likely is that we would see him added to one of the already announced upcoming DLC packs.

WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date Roster
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MORE ON THE WAY: Over two dozen new roster members will be added

The Banzai Pack has already delivered a group of new superstars to the WWE 2K22 roster, and the Most Wanted Pack will do the same very soon.

The final option, not one to underestimate, is that WWE could choose to put him in the game as a completely separate newly purchasable DLC.

This may create controversy, as the Season Pass is intended to include all DLC, but they may simply argue this DLC wasn't planned at launch.

If he's given his own special pack, players may be forced to pay an additional $5 or $10 just to use an official Cody Rhodes.

Then again, players can always just head to Community Creations right now and download one of the many versions available there for free.

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