WWE 2K23: Is CM Punk in the game?

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CM Punk shocked the wrestling world by making a surprise return to WWE at Survivor Series. The wrestling superstar has officially signed with WWE, and we can expect to see him in the WWE ring in the near future.

This leads many WWE 2K23 fans to wonder if he is also a playable character in the game. CM Punk is a very polarizing figure, so there are many WWE 2K fans who would love to play with or against him.

So, let's find out if CM Punk is in WWE 2K23.

Is CM Punk in WWE 2K23?

The answer to that question is a little tricky since it's a yes and a no at the same time. Yes, you can play with CM Punk in WWE 2K23 if you download his character from community creations.

No, because CM Punk isn't official in the game as of yet. When WWE 2K23 came out The Best in The World was signed with rival promotion AEW, so he wasn't included in the official WWE 2K23 roster.

WWE 2K23 community creations CM Punk
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However, if you access the community creations menu, you can download many versions of CM Punk, which were created by other WWE 2K players. These versions are inspired by the many phases of the CM Punk character, with different attires and even move sets.

Will CM Punk be added to the WWE 2K23 roster?

It's only a matter of time until CM Punk is added to the official WWE 2K23 roster. Punk is the biggest signing WWE had in years and one of the biggest of all time.

CM Punk in WWE 2K23
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His return was unexpected and generated a lot of buzz on social media. As soon as he signed with the company he became one of its top stars and will be treated as one. So, expect the CM Punk character to be added to WWE 2K23 in the next title update.

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