How to throw someone over the top rope in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns

Being able to throw someone over the top rope is a move that every WWE 2K23 player needs to know how to perform.

It's going to be very important in the Royal Rumble, or in other battle royale matches.

So, without further ado, let's see how to throw someone over the top rope in WWE 2K23.

How To Throw Someone Over The Top Rope In WWE 2K23

Throwing a superstar over the top rope into the outside of the ring will inflict a lot of damage.

It's going to affect every part of his body and can help you gain complete control of the match.

You can also do it to isolate an opponent in multi-man matches.

While one of the opponents is out of the ring, you can easily perform a finisher and then pin the superstar you are in the ring with.

How To Throw Someone Over The Top Rope In WWE 2K23
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Gunther holds the record of the superstar that lasted the longest in a 30-man Rumble match

However, this move is most useful in battle royale matches, especially in the Royal Rumble.

Since your win condition it's throwing superstars over the top rope, this move will come in handy plenty of times throughout the match.

First, you need to make sure your opponent is worn out since it will make it easy for you to perform this move.

After making sure your opponent is tired, you have to initiate a grab by pressing Circle on PS5 or B on Xbox.

Then, press RB for Xbox or R1 for PlayStation to lift your opponent.

How To Throw Someone Over The Top Rope In WWE 2K23
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Get closer to the ropes and press B to throw your opponent to the outside of the ring

When you have your opponent lifted above your shoulders, make your way to the ropes.

Then, press Circle on PS5 or B on Xbox to throw your opponent over the top rope.

In a Royal Rumble match, your opponent will be eliminated.

If this move is performed in a normal match, your opponent will sustain significant damage.

Just make sure you don't have your opponent lifted for too long since they will be able to reverse the move.

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