How to drag opponents in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Randy Orton

WWE 2K23 Randy Orton

WWE 2K23 is full of gameplay mechanics players need to master to consistently win matches. The drag mechanic is one of them, as it may come in handy in plenty of situations.

Being able to drag your opponents allows you to put them in a perfect position to execute a finisher or a signature move.

So, without further ado, let's see how to drag opponents in WWE 2K23.

How To Drag Opponents In WWE 2K23

As mentioned above, dragging your opponent can come in handy in a plethora of situations.

The mechanic is also much easier to execute in WWE 2K23 than in previous editions of the title. All of this makes it a very important mechanic to master.

The drag mechanic is best utilized when an opponent is down. If he is too close to the ropes to pin him, or if you want to set him up for a risky high-flying move.

By dragging him away from the ropes, you can perform a pin or submission without worrying about the referee calling for a rope break.

WWE 2K23 Rey Mysterio
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It also makes it easier for you to hit a high-flying move, especially if your finisher is performed from the top rope.

However, the dragging mechanic can also be used in standing opponents. It's extremely useful to position opponents into a corner, setting them up for a finisher.

Using it on the outside of the ring, allows players to set up opponents for a plethora of moves.

Moves such as slamming opponents to the ring post, executing a finisher on the announcer's table, or throwing them against the barriers.

Before attempting to drag your opponent, you should make sure he is tired, so he can't reverse the move.

After you do that, stand close to the downed superstar, and press the Circle button if you are on PS5 or B on Xbox.

WWE 2K23 Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio
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Then, press L1 or LB to start dragging your opponent. You will use the left and right sticks to choose where you want to drag your opponent.

The process is the same for wrestlers that are standing.

You should not drag your opponent for too long since he can reverse the move.

So, try to be quick when dragging your opponents. Just set them in the position you want them in as fast as possible, and then release the move.

Being able to drag your opponents will allow you to perform plenty of different attacks, so be sure to master this mechanic.

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WWE 2K23 Reigns McIntyre
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