WWE 2K23 Combos Guide: How to do Light, Heavy, and Grapple Combos

WWE 2K23 The Rock

WWE 2K23 The Rock

WWE 2K23 has finally arrived, bringing a host of new and exciting features to the franchise.

One thing that has changed massively is the controls, with players eager to know the best ways to put their opponent down for the count.

With the WWE 2K23 controls have undergone major changes over the last few games so if you are just coming back to the series you will need a refresher.

Combos are now a major part of the game and we've got you covered for the easiest way to pull off some of the best moves in this year's game.

WWE 2K23 Combos Guide

Going over the WWE 2K23 controls tutorial is a great way to get started when learning combos, and our helpful controls guide can go some way to assisting you.

However, it can still be challenging to make WWE 2K23 Combos work for you in a match.

One good thing to keep in mind is that every type of combo will always begin with a Light Attack using X or Square, but it's the buttons you press after that which will determine how that combo diverges and what final move you deliver.

WWE 2K22 Combos
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VIVA LA COMBOS: You can see some of the Eddie Guerrero combos here

Timing these combo moves can be difficult, and you'll want to be careful not to button mash too quickly, as it can take a moment for the previous strike to hit and recognise the input.

Light Combos end with a Light Attack (X or Square), Heavy Combos end with a Heavy Attack (A or X), and Grapple Combos or Grab Combos end with a Grab (B or Circle).

While the moves themselves change for every competitor in-game, with over 100 different combo sequences available, it's important to pay close attention to what superstar combos are on offer.

All combo sequences are grouped as having either four buttons to finish them out or three, with high flyers and strikers often having the more complicated combos and more traditional powerhouse competitors more likely to have the three-move combos.

WWE 2K22 Combos
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KEEP IT SIMPLE: Some superstar have a simpler set of combos to work with

You can see the three-button sequences in the image above, and the four-button sequences can be seen further up in the other image.

How to Block Combos in WWE 2K23

Mastering the art of the combo is incredibly satisfying, but blocking them in WWE 2K23 can feel even better.

The standard Reversal button (Y or Triangle) will work for most attacks, but specifically, combos will challenge you to predict the next move that's coming and press the same button.

WWE 2K23 John Cena
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THE CHAMP IS HERE - Cena has many combo moves in WWE 2K23

If you can do this successfully, it will trigger a Breaker and force a reversal that gives you an immediate advantage in the match.

In general, go with the odds and try to use X or Square most often to trigger a Breaker on Light Attacks while mixing in the others depending on how frequently your opponent seems to be using them.

WWE 2K23 Controls

Performing combos isn't the only major change in the controls for this year's game.

There have been some major changes in the controls for WWE games in recent years, with WWE 2K22 introducing a host of changes.

With combos firmly embedded and a host of different buttons to get your head around, our controls guide is the perfect place to get you started.

WWE 2K23 Reigns McIntyre
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TOE TO TOE - Take to the ring with your favourite superstars

Click here to read our controls guide and get to grips with the basics, and advanced controls in WWE 2K23.

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