AEW Fight Forever Creation Suite: Wrestlers, Arenas & More

AEW Fight Forever Custom Wrestler

AEW Fight Forever Custom Wrestler

AEW Fight Forever is finally here, with years of waiting finally coming to an end.

The result is a game that throws you back to the halcyon days of wrestling gaming whilst also mixing in a few new modern innovations.

One such feature is the Creation Suite which allows you to customise multiple aspects of the game, from creating a custom arena to moulding the next AEW champion.

With that in mind, here's our full breakdown of everything you can do in the AEW Fight Forever Creation Suite.

AEW Fight Forever Creation Suite

AEW Fight Forever's Creation Suite may not be as in-depth as the offering in the WWE 2K series, but it still holds its own with the many options on offer.

There are three main things you can do in the Creation Suite: create a custom wrestler, create a custom arena, and form a new tag team.

Within these options, however, there are a few hidden gems that can take your game's customisation to the next level.

Also, be sure to check out the shop as there will be plenty of new clothing items and aesthetics that you can subsequently use in the Creation Suite.

Custom Wrestlers

Creating a custom wrestler will never get old as you can truly create the most weird and wonderful star on the roster.

Whilst the base offering in the custom wrestler suite is fairly basic, you can spend in-game currency in the shop to unlock more items.

AEW Fight Forever custom wrestler
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TAKE TO THE RING - Your custom star can play locally and online

You can customise the colour of clothing items, your wrestler's height and weight and even go as far as giving them the whackiest facial hair possible.

When it comes to custom wrestlers, you don't have to worry about assigning attributes either, as stars on the AEW Fight Forever do not have a rating.

It's not only name, personality and attire that you can customise, as you can of course create a custom entrance and move-set in order to make your wrestler feel totally unique to you.


An extension of the custom wrestler suite is the ability to create custom attires for stars already on the roster.

For example, you can create the next iconic look for Kenny Omega, or even ideate the next obnoxious scarf for MJF.

AEW Fight Forever custom wrestler suite
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NEW STAR - You can create your own wrestler in AEW Fight Forever

These small details go a long way and it's a great feature that allows you to not only customise your own stars but also have an impact across the roster.


Much like the custom arena builder we see in WWE 2K23, AEW Fight Forever allows you to edit preset templates in order to create your very own AEW show.

You can customise everything from the ramp to the rope colours and this editor may just be the most in-depth on offer in the game.

AEW Fight Forever custom Arena
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STAR OF THE SHOW - The custom arena tool is a great way to personalise your game

You can, of course, then use this custom arena in local play and continue to tweak if there's something not quite right.

The preview option also allows you to check how you go, meaning you can constantly make changes until you find the perfect combination.


One of the more simplistic aspects of the AEW Fight Forever creation suite allows you to create your own tag teams.

Once you enter the custom teams section, you will be invited to customise every aspect of your tag team, from name and entrance to the actual wrestlers involved.

AEW Fight Forever custom tag team
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RISING UP - Create the next tag champs in AEW Fight Forever

These tag teams can then be used in local play, meaning you can guide them to the pinnacle of the AEW tag team division.

You're also given full autonomy over your tag team's move set, meaning you can well and truly customise every aspect of your team. Pairing the custom team with a custom attire is a great way to bring everything to life.

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