AEW Fight Forever Review: Missing the mark

AEW Fight Forever review kenny omega chris jericho

AEW Fight Forever review kenny omega chris jericho

AEW Fight Forever has finally arrived, with the game available to play after months of confusion, delays and speculation.

Announced in 2020, the build-up to this game has been slow-going, to say the least, with developer THQ Nordic finally able to deliver a final product.

A direct rival in the wrestling industry in both real life, and now in the world of gaming, can AEW Fight Forever battle past WWE 2K23 to become the elite wrestling experience?

From general gameplay to all the finer details, let's take a look at whether AEW Fight Forever lands a killer blow, or if it botches to a finish.

AEW Fight Forever

The main positives come three-form for AEW Fight Forever, with its exciting roster, arcade-like gameplay and professional presentation showing plenty of promise.

Having stars like Kenny Omega, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson at our fingertips once again is incredibly exciting, but the ultimate execution of these character models leaves a lot to be desired.

It's important to preface any conversation around AEW Fight Forever with the concept that it's supposed to feel arcade-like, but does that really pose an excuse for poor character models and a general lack of aesthetic shine?

AEW Fight Forever CM Punk go to sleep
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OWNING THE STYLE - AEW Fight Forever goes all in on the arcade gameplay

Loading up our first bout, we were excited to see what the game had to offer when it came to unique entrances, but instead, the introduction cuts out after a few seconds and we don't even get to see our favourite star make it to the ring.

A lack of commentary and general atmosphere make for an overwhelmingly flat experience, with the mercy of the occasional good rock track bringing things back to a redeemable level.

AEW Fight Forever is, without a doubt, a throwback to classic wrestling games and the balance of old and new is generally handled well.

However, there are moments in which the classic style becomes more irritating than impressive and, even though it may not seem fair, it's hard not to compare the game with its main competitor.

Kick to the Mid-Section

AEW Fight Forever's gameplay is probably best likened to a yeast extract spread, you'll either love it or hate it.

The classic style is definitely present, but the general targeting and flow of moves feel slightly off.

Ultimately, if you're after a whacky wrestling game that feels akin to a decade-old classic, you'll love AEW Fight Forever. However, if you're looking for a game with incredible visuals, flowing wrestling and in-depth move sets, we'd recommend looking elsewhere.

AEW Fight Forever CM Punk
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CLASSIC STARS - CM Punk features on the AEW Fight Forever roster

The biggest kicker when it comes to the gameplay is the complete lack of commentary, with the occasional echoey call from Jim Ross at the start of the match teasing you, before a heavy rock track plays over your match.

Building your momentum bar is achievable and the general controls of AEW Fight Forever are accessible for anyone, which is great for players looking to jump into this genre for the first time.

However, the basic controls quickly become tiresome and the general lack of challenge is apparent. Without any real skill involved, this game just turns into an exercise of mashing buttons and hoping for the best.

One thing we loved was how signature and finisher moves were displayed, with each one truly making a visible impact. General moves and the standard punch and kicks, however, feel a lot more lacklustre.

Join the Elite

Any good wrestling game comes with a comprehensive creation suite and AEW Fight Forever certainly ticks that box.

Whilst this creation suite is far from the standard seen in WWE 2K23, it does still allow you to craft your own star from scratch and supply them with all manner of weird and wonderful attires.

AEW Fight Forever Creation Suite
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BE ELITE - AEW Fight Forever boasts an impressive creation suite

Helpful tips and tricks allow you to fully customise each item, and whilst the choices aren't endless, there's still plenty on offer for you to create AEW's next top star.

One thing we can appreciate greatly is the way that custom wrestlers integrate well with the rest of the roster, rather than sticking it like a sore thumb.

AEW Fight Forever pinfall
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ON THE BIG STAGE - Your custom star will fit straight in on the roster

It may seem like a back-handed compliment, but the lack of polish in the official wrestler's character models allows for custom creations to feel as though they are actually part of the game.

The wide range of moves on offer is also great, meaning you can well and truly craft AEW's next big thing.


Thankfully, AEW does not suffer from the nightmarish plague of glitches that we've seen haunt other wrestling titles, or at least we didn't experience many in our time with the game.

However, the game does leave us feeling a little empty, with the nostalgic gameplay quickly losing its novelty.

This feels like a game that is best experienced at a multiplayer level, with its online modes certainly supplying the most enjoyment during our experience.

AEW Fight Forever Sting
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CAREER MODE - You can take charge of a wrestler's career in AEW Fight Forever

The single-player career is probably the game's low point, with clunky text and sub-par storylines feeling nostalgic in all the wrong ways.

The career sees you guide a wrestler through their first year in AEW, from the signing by Tony Khan to the hopeful victory of the AEW World Championship.

You can either choose an authentic wrestler or guide your own custom star through the AEW landscape, with both options taking you on the same journey.

This career mode experience misses the mark in a lot of ways but there are some fun interactions and unlockables that at least keep things moving.

AEW Fight Forever presentation Career Mode
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IN THE CLUB - Certain presentations hit the sweet spot in AEW Fight Forever

Unfortunately, this game's whole gimmick is very restrictive and whilst it hits the brief, I'm not sure it delivers the kind of experience we were hoping to see from such an exciting wrestling promotion.


There's no doubt that a lot of love and care has gone into the release of AEW Fight Forever, and it's likely that the constant delays and confusion haven't helped its eventual release.

Despite the obstacles put in place, AEW Fight Forever is a fun experience that offers something completely different to that of its main competitor.

An exciting roster consisting of some of the biggest and best wrestlers in the world is undoubtedly the game's main selling point, but the gameplay and overall presentation left us feeling a little hollow.

AEW logo
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FALLING SHORT - AEW Fight Forever missed the target for us

Unfortunately, AEW Fight Forever is a game that opens with a flashy video package celebrating the promotion, only to be quickly contrasted with gameplay that feels immediately dated.

If you're in the market for a classic punch and kick wrestling game to play with your mates, then AEW Fight Forever is absolutely your jam but if you're planning on playing alone, don't expect this release to keep you hooked for much longer than a three-count.

AEW Fight Forever
AEW Fight Forever hooks you in with a strong presentation and a compelling gimmick but despite the interesting gameplay choices and exciting roster, you soon realise that this release is destined for the mid-card.
6 out of 10

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