WoW Classic TBC: Sunwell Plateau Release Date & Time

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Blizzard Entertainment has officially revealed the release date for the final WoW TBC Classic raid, Sunwell Plateau.

Set to be part of Phase 5, Prince Kael'thas' attempt at bringing Kil'jaden to Azeroth will also bring about a new faction that players can gain reputation with, the Shattered Sun Offensive, a new dungeon, Magisters' Terrace, and more.

Here's what WoW Classic TBC phase 5 has in store and when its infamous raid will unlock.

LATEST: Phase 5 Live, Sunwell Plateau to Come

There's plenty of excitement in WoW Classic TBC as the final phase, phase 5, is officially underway!

While phase 5 is now live, however, Sunwell Plateau is still to come, launching a couple of days afterward. That means for now, players can still enjoy the Isle of Quel'Danas, Magisters' Terrace, and new currency gear.

To follow along with all the latest news around WoW Classic TBC phase 5 and the launch of Sunwell Plateau, count down the final hours to launch with us here.

Release Date & Time

Sunwell Plateau will go live in WoW Classic TBC in Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Azeroth's heroes will be able to take the fight to Kael'thas and Kil'jaeden at 6 pm EST on launch day.

New Content in WoW Classic TBC Phase 5

Phase 5 will be WoW TBC's last hurrah before Wrath of the Lich King Classic releases later this year.

It's set to bring on tons of new content, including the expansion's last raid, Sunwell Plateau, a new zone for players to do dailies and gain reputation in with the Isle of Quel'Danas, and a new dungeon, Magisters' Terrace.

Sunwell Plateau

Sunwell Plateau is a 25-man raid that includes Azeroth's heroes taking the fight to a revived Kael'thas, as he has summoned a leader of the Burning Legion, Kil'jaeden, into their homeworld.

WoW Classic TBC Phase 5: Sunwell Plateau Release Date REVEALED - Sunwell Plateau
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
DEFEND: Azeroth's heroes will be able to take the fight to Kil'jaeden

The raid contains a total of six bosses, namely Kalecgoc, Brutallus, Felmyst, The Eredar Twins, M'uru, and lastly Kil'jaeden.

This raid is stacked with some incredible new gear, including new slots for Tier 6 in boots, belts, and bracers. Additionally, it brings tons of strong new weapons and trinkets that will be on everyone's bis lists.

No attunement will be needed to enter the instance and unlike its original release, Sunwell Plateau will have all of its bosses available right from the start.

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Isle of Quel'Danas

Before players can stop the Burning Legion from encroaching upon Azeroth they first must establish a foothold in the Isle of Quel'Danas where Sunwell Plateau resides.

Here, players will be able to work with the Shattered Sun Offensive to stage an attack on the Kael'thas and Kil'jaeden. Players can gain build their reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive by completing dailies and more. It'll be a server-wide effort with the help of some reinforcements including profession NPCs with new patterns and recipes, item vendors, and new daily quests.

Magisters' Terrace

Also located in the Isle of Quel'Danas will be the new dungeon, Magisters' Terrace.

WoW Classic TBC Phase 5: Sunwell Plateau Release Date REVEALED - Magisters' Terrace
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
FINAL: Players will be able to put an end to Kael'thas once and for all

Magisters' Terrace is a five-man instance in TBC that features four bosses, Selin Fireheart, Vexallus, Priestess, and a Kael'thas Suntrider who returned following his "defeat" in Tempest Keep.

This dungeon drops all epic loot, including a mount, the Swift White Hawkstrider, a companion, the Phoenix Hatchling, and a popular item that turns players into blood elves, the Orb of the Sin'Dorei.

It contains both Normal and Heroic modes similar to other Burning Crusade dungeons. Additionally, it'll reward reputation towards the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Other New Phase 5 Content

Besides the new dungeon, raid, and zone, Burning Crusade Classic's Phase 5 will also usher in TBC Arena Season 4.

Following the regional weekly maintenance on May 10, a new Arena Season will begin. Here, players will be able to duke it out against other players in order to receive the unique title of Brutal Gladiator as well as the Brutal Nether Drake mount.

Some items in Season 4 will have a personal rating requirement you must attain before you can purchase them. These are:

  • Brutal Gladiator Shoulders (requires 2000 personal rating)
  • Brutal Gladiator Weapons (require 1850 personal rating)
  • Guardian’s Boots (requires 1700 personal rating)
  • Guardian’s Rings (requires 1650 personal rating)
  • Guardian’s” Bracers (requires 1575 personal rating)

There won't be a rating requirement to equip these items, only to purchase them. Additionally, items from previous Seasons such as those from Vengeful, Merciless, and other sets won't have any rating requirements and can be purchased as soon as players gain enough currency to obtain them.

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