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What to expect from the upcoming Warcraft mobile game

In early March, Blizzard Entertainment announced that one of their most famous and tenured series, Warcraft, was coming to mobile.

This mobile game will soon be revealed on livestream - so don't miss out!

UPDATED - Warcraft Mobile Reveal on May 3

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, Blizzard Entertainment will finally reveal the Warcraft mobile game. Blizzard has been very controlled with info so far about the game, which means we still don't know if it'll appeal more to the RTS series or MMO series World of Warcraft.

The reveal livestream will go live at 1pm EST.

What to expect from the Warcraft Mobile Game

While Blizzard has revealed very little about the upcoming Warcraft mobile game so far - here's what we know so far, and what we can expect come launch day.

Release Date

While we don't have an official Warcraft mobile game release date, we do know when the game will be revealed.

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It might be time for WoW mobile

Mobile platforms can be constricting in nature due to screen size and a lack of buttons to account for the many spells and abilities in World of Warcraft. Of course, there are classes that can get by with just four to five buttons, but even then getting all of them in a handheld device can prove to be difficult.

Additionally, it's worth noting that most, if not all, of the MMORPGs on mobile tend to work with a handful of spells and offer top-down gameplay, making movement translate easier.

Although we don't ever see WoW going top-down, we do see the game possibly introducing some new changes.

One possible approach is that Blizzard could simply limit spells by only including classes' core rotational spells such as Frost Mages with Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Flurry, and Frozen Orb, though this would raise some questions for how other spell categories like utility, mobility, and defensives would function (if at all). With some classes and specs massively relying on these kinds of spells, the game could be a bit messy when reduced to limited spells.

Other than that, the normal WoW gameplay features such as dungeons, raids, and PvP content can all fit decently well in mobile form, and likely wouldn't need any massive changes to translate.


Although WoW is heavily reliant on strong processing power, we expect that the WoW mobile game will have the backing needed to be properly optimized for mobile devices.

What to expect from WoW Mobile - Handheld
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
HANDHELD: World of Warcraft going mobile means it'll be handheld for the first time

With the advancement of mobile platforms for gaming, a mobile game may be able to match the graphics of lower-end graphic settings on PC, and most likely will be stylized toward modern WoW art like the Shadowlands expansion as opposed to more classic expansions.

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All World of Warcraft mobile apps so far

WoW coming to mobile may come as a surprise, but it wouldn't be the first time the series has featured a mobile app.

What to expect from WoW Mobile - WoW Companion App
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
CONVENIENT: The WoW Companion App allows players to sent their followers on missions and track World Quests

With apps such as the WoW Companion app, the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, and even the Blizzard Mobile Authenticator all offering utility and services for and around World of Warcraft, the upcoming mobile game won't be the series' first foray into mobile.

Previous renditions have even offered Auction House use and engagement from mobile, bringing parts of WoW to mobile devices years ago.

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