Are WoW Classic Servers Down Right Now?

WoW Classic servers have faced some issues with the TBC Pre Patch and many updates since its launch. So what is the current server status?

Here's what you can expect from WoW Classic servers right now.

WoW Classic Server Status

Currently WoW Classic servers are down for Thursday maintenance which will run to 1pm EST.

WoW Classic TBC server status login screen
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ARE SERVERS DOWN?: WoW Classic servers have taken a beating since the start of the TBC Pre Patch

This should be the last time servers go down for any lengthy period before Burning Crusade Classic launches on June 1 (though we may get some 1 hour maintenance periods).

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WoW Classic TBC Server Downtime, Schedule

When WoW Classic TBC launches on Tuesday, June 1, it will take servers down for an extended period after the typical weekly maintenance schedule.

WoW Classic TBC release schedule server downtime
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The Burning Crusade launch day server downtime is currently scheduled to run to 6pm EST. But with 7 hours of delays for the TBC Pre Patch last week, we don't have high hopes this time will hold up.

Instead, expect WoW Classic TBC servers to really go live at around 9pm EST.

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