Which Professions Should You Pick for WoW Classic TBC?

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WoW Classic Burning Crusade has finally launched, and while players rush to hit the new level 70 cap, the rush to level up new ranks of Professions will soon begin!

With this in mind, we've broken down each WoW Classic TBC profession and which you should choose and combine in the new expansion.

Latest - The Dark Portal Opens


Burning Crusade Classic could possibly have been the most smooth launch in World of Warcraft history - with very few disruptions despite reporting a DDOS attack before the Dark Portal opened.

Players can jump right into the Dark Portal now and explore the new world of Outland.

WoW Classic TBC Professions

Professions take on some new areas of importance in WoW Classic TBC, and will be applicable to all classes for different reasons.

WoW Classic TBC Draenei Shaman Blood Elf Paladin
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NODE FIGHTS: Professions will be a massive battle in TBC, from the gathering to the marketplace

Whether it's to make gold, create unique gear, bring powerful consumables, or something else entirely - TBC has a profession for you.


Let's break each profession down for what it will offer when The Burning Crusade Classic arrives.

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Consumables have been an important part of WoW Classic, and this will still be the case in TBC. There will also continue to be powerful Transmute spells that have long cooldowns, but create very valuable materials.

WoW Classic TBC Alchemy Lab
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FEEL THE CHEMISTRY: Alchemy creates for some powerful possibilities

These make Alchemy an extremely valuable profession to have for any class with things to sell for raiders and PVPers alike.

This profession pairs best with Herbalism to supply your mats.


Blacksmithing hasn't always been the most profitable profession in WoW Classic, but there are some new reasons coming to take up the hammer and anvil in WoW Classic TBC.

WoW Classic TBC Blacksmithing Ironforge
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THE FORGE: Blacksmithing is an important profession to wield powerful weapons

Blacksmithing is a gateway to some fantastic weapons in WoW Classic TBC that will progress over each phase with new upgrades.


These weapons, including the Lionheart Blade and Drakefist Hammer among others, are the strongest options for many classes for most phases of TBC, improving each phase. To wield these weapons, players need to specialize their Blacksmithing and have it maxed.

To fuel your Blacksmithing, you'll want to pair it with Mining.

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Enchants are a massive power boost in WoW Classic, and this will continue in WoW Classic TBC.

WoW Classic Enchanting weapon icy chill
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NEW AND IMPROVED: Enchanting adds powerful effects to your gear

This along with the ability to disenchant unwanted items into useful materials makes Enchanting a strong profession in TBC.


To make best use of Enchanting, you'll want to chase down important faction reputations to unlock powerful formulas, along with some others that drop.

Enchanting can best be paired with any gear producing profession like Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring, through which you can disenchant items you don't need for important resources.


One of the most unique professions in World of Warcraft is Engineering, and it had plenty of uses in WoW Classic. This includes some powerful items for PVP like Thorium Grenades, Reflectors, and for both PVE and PVP like Goblin Sapper Charges.

WoW Classic TBC Engineering Flying Machine Mount
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TO THE CHOPPER: Engineering brings some flair to WoW Classic TBC

In WoW Classic TBC, the specializations of Engineering can offer many different rewards - with Gnomish Engineering offering good caster and melee DPS goggles, Goblin Engineering offering strong PVP helmets. But regardless of specialization, players can use Engineering to create weapon scopes, many kinds of head gear, powerful on-use items, and even their own flying mounts!

Engineering won't be the best money making profession, but for players who want flashy or exciting things, there's plenty of options. It pairs best with Mining to stockpile materials for your recipes.


You'll run into many herbs during your journey through Outland in WoW Classic TBC, and you'll be able to sell them for nice prices as they're needed to make many useful items.

WoW Classic TBC Herbalism Elwynn Forest
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INTO THE WILD: Herbalism is an important profession to fuel Alchemy in TBC

While Black Lotus was all the rage in WoW Classic, each herb in TBC will offer the chance to get a Fel Lotus, so you'll be targeting a much wider range of herbs.

Herbalism will be best paired with Alchemy in WoW Classic TBC to use the herbs for important consumables directly.


WoW Classic TBC introduces a brand new profession that brings some new systems - Jewelcrafting, which will offer powerful bonuses to gear with gem slots.

WoW Classic TBC jewelcrafting trainers shattrath city
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DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Jewelcrafters will be working hard to fill all the new gear in TBC with bonuses

Along with enhancing your best gear, Jewelcrafting can also create powerful rings, necklaces, trinkets, and other gear.

Jewelcrafting best pairs with Mining in WoW Classic TBC, allowing you to prospect ore for your materials.


Leatherworking will be one of the more controversial professions in WoW Classic TBC, entirely centered around the Battle Drums.

WoW Classic TBC leatherworking trainer
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BEAT OF THEIR OWN DRUM: Leatherworking will be a very popular profession in TBC to use Drums

These Drums can be played to give party members massive buffs, which are very useful in PVE scenarios. The Leatherworking drums have been nerfed from their original form however, adding a debuff which will make them less dominant.


With this change, players can be free to choose professions other than Leatherworking and still raid at a competitive level. Those that want an extra edge, however, can use Leatherworking and these Drums to buff your team.

Apart from the Drums, Leatherworking is a great way to create some important early gear to push your numbers in Phase 1, and some other important items with longer lasting impact.

Production professions aren't often great moneymakers, but paired with Skinning, you can fuel your Leatherworking to create some important items come endgame.

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Much like Herbalism, Mining is a gathering profession in WoW Classic TBC that can be perfect for any profession combo and class. Mining is a great way to pick up some extra money while leveling, and can help fuel several other professions like Blacksmithing, Engineering, and the new Jewelcrafting.

WoW Classic TBC mining professions thorium vein
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THEY'RE NOT ROCKS, MARIE: Players can make some serious gold mining the right things in TBC

While it'll be very competitive to make money with Mining once all players hit that level 70 mark, it's usefulness for fueling some important professions will keep it relevant throughout WoW Classic TBC.

Pair your Mining with Blacksmithing, Engineering, or Jewelcrafting for maximum affect.


Skinning is the most simple gathering profession in Burning Crusade Classic, and while it may not generate much money on its own, it can be useful and simple without the hassle of a search.

WoW Classic Skinning Wolf Elwynn Forest
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A LITTLE OFF THE TOP: Skinning is a great way to earn some extra gold while leveling

This is because for Skinning, the resources come right to you, and you can pick up some extra value when killing Beast mobs of all kinds by picking it up.

Of course Skinning pairs best with Leatherworking, but most will use it as a bit of extra loot on Beasts up to level 70 before dropping it for more consequential professions for the WoW Classic TBC end game.

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