World of Warcraft: What is Deadly Boss Mods?

World of Warcraft Boss Deadly Boss Mods

World of Warcraft Boss Deadly Boss Mods

At the core of World of Warcraft lies one of its most attractive aspects, its PvE content, more specifically, dungeons and raids.

Dungeons and raids are one of, if not the main ways to progress your character with the gear that they drop. Not only that, but they are also widely considered one of the most entertaining and fun aspects of the MMORPG as they are a welcome challenge that can be fairly difficult to complete. So much so that specific addons, namely Deadly Boss Mods, get made to ease the whole process.

Here's an explanation of what Deadly Boss Mods is, and how to download and install it in WoW.

What is TradeSkillMaster in World of Warcraft?

Deadly Boss Mods, or DBM as it's commonly known and paraphrased as, is an addon that shows timers for boss abilities in dungeons and raids. These timers warn you of all of the dangerous abilities the boss casts, giving all types of precise information. Additionally, it uses a plethora of alerts to warn you.

Deadly Boss Mods World of Warcraft Guide
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BE WARNED: Deadly Boss Mods is a great way to know boss ability timings

Anything from the classic timer bar, which showcases a bar that fills up—while also portraying a timer—, and big bright alerts that show up in the middle of your screen to sound queues such as the infamous "run away little girl," the addon makes sure you know when a crucial spell is coming.

On top of it all, it's customizable, allowing you to move and change alerts, pick other sounds, move ability bars, and more.

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How to Download and Install Deadly Boss Mods in World of Warcraft

Now that you know what Questie does in WoW Classic, it's time to install and download it.

There are two ways to go about downloading addons in World of Warcraft Classic: a manual download and install or an automated download and install via a website or app such as CurseForge.

For a step-by-step on how to do either of the methods visit our piece on downloading and installing WoW Classic addons here.

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