World of Tanks Valor: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Download, Rewards, Gameplay & more

Ready up Soldier, the battlefield awaits! Here's everything you need to know and more about World of Tanks Valor!

What is World of Tanks Valor?

World of Tanks, or WoT, is a free-to-play game that is all about that tank on tank combat!

There are an estimated 75 million players registered worldwide!

The game is available to play on PC, Mac, mobile, and Xbox One.

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Players can get involved with massive 15 vs. 15 player tank battles across a number of different maps.

There are literally hundreds of tanks to command, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and roles in battle.

The tanks themselves are all from the mid-20th century and are from numerous countries around the world.

World of Tanks Valor
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CLICK, CLICK, BOOM! Make a lasting impact on the battlefield with some of history's most iconic vehicles

Select from the UK, United States, France, Germany, and many more to find the tank that suits your play-style.

There are game modes, such as Assaults, that keep the gameplay exciting and fresh too.

What's different about WoT Valor?

So there a few unique touches to World of Tanks Valor, however fundamentally it is still the MMO tank warfare title so many have grown to enjoy!

The title focusses on rewarding and engaging with the WoT community.

You'll have access to premium tanks, in some cases worth over $200 (for free!)

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There are also monthly challenges that can earn you even more rewards.

Importantly, however, is the 'tank balancing' feature. Based on feedback from players, there are weekly adjustments to tanks in the game.

What this means is, hypothetically, if there is an immensely over-powered tank, it won't be long until the playing field is leveled again.


World of Tanks Valor is playable on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

You'll be able to download them for free from their respective stores.

For everything you need to know and more about World of Tanks Valor, be sure to check back in with us.

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