World of Tanks PS4: How to download, Crossplay, Game-modes, and more!

Massively multiplayer warfare is the name of the game! Here's everything you need to know about World of Tanks on PS4.

What is World of Tanks?

World of Tanks, or WoT, is a free-to-play game that focusses on player vs. player combat in some of history's most iconic tanks.

There are an estimated 75 million registered players worldwide!

The game is available to play on PC, Mac, mobile, and Xbox One.

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You'll have access to hundreds of armoured vehicles from various nations, such as Germany, the Soviet Union, the USA, France, the United Kingdom, and more.

With five major tank classes, each with their own strengths and roles on the battlefield, there is certainly a lot to enjoy in WoT!

Is WoT on PS4?

That's a big yes!

Playstation 4 owners can have the chance to enter take part in the intense battle on their consoles, so you won't risk losing out on some serious 15 vs. 15 tank warfare.

But how much will it set you back?

World of Tanks PS4
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ALL GHILLIED UP: No sudden movements!

World of Tanks PS4 price

World of Tanks on PS4 is free to download on the PS Store!

Make sure you've created an account, head on over, and search for the game.

You'll need 39 GB minimum of storage space to download the game, so you may need to do some spring-cleaning!

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World of Tanks Game-modes

There are a ton of different game modes in World of Tanks, with the most popular appearing to be the 15 vs. 15 battles.

One from the many game modes worth trying is the Assault mode.

Here, one base on the map belongs to the defending team, and the attacking team must either capture the defenders' base...or destroy them all!

world of tanks ps4
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SCENIC ROUTE: Roll through the beautifully rendered countryside in your armoured companion!

Is there crossplay on PS4?

At the moment, PS4 players will only be able to play with others on the same platform.

However, many games are being constantly enhanced and updated, so don't rule out anything for the future just yet.

For everything you need to know and more on World of Tanks, be sure to check back in with us!

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