World of Tanks Blitz Update 7.0 - Release Date, Graphics, New Tanks & New Game Mode!

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To celebrate its 6th birthday, a huge new update is coming to World of Tanks Blitz!

This is everything we know about Update 7.0.

World of Tanks Blitz Update 7.0 Release Date

The release date for the new update is TODAY - Wednesday, 6 June 2020.



Update 7.0 will contain a range of aspects, including graphical improvements, new high-tier British light tanks and in-game festivities.

world of tanks blitz birthday key art min
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HAPPY RETURNS - It's celebration time in WoT Blitz!

The 6th birthday celebration will continue into July with the arrival of a brand new game mode - Skirmish - will arrive for a limited time.

Graphical improvements

Gun recoil, dynamic shadows, vehicles leaving traces on the ground, different damage marks for each shell type and upgraded particle and water effects all arrive in the update!


Three new high-tier British tanks will be rolling out on the battlefield:

  • FV 301, Tier VII
  • Vickers Cruiser, Tier IX
  • Vickers Light 105, Tier X

The first top-tier light tanks to represent Her Majesty, these Brits will be researchable from the Tier VII medium, the Comet.

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These nimble scouts are pretty quick and when compared to other light tanks in the game, it’s their relatively good armour which sets them apart.

Special Event

The big birthday bash kicks off with a special event where tankers will be tasked with hunting down a unique Tier VI tank, the P.43/06 Anniversario.

WoTB Screens Update 7 0 anniversario
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MISSION - Can you hunt down the Anniversario?

Additionally, those who complete the event will be rewarded with a unique birthday player profile.

The event will run from Friday, 19 June to Monday, 29 June.

New Game Mode - Skirmish

Scheduled for release on Thursday, 9 July, two teams of 5 will battle it out on smaller maps which are perfect for intense and dynamic confrontations.

Players will need nerves of steel to be crowned victorious in this mode.

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