*LATEST* Valorant: New Agent Harbour Release Date, Time, Details, and More

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Valorant released a couple of trailers yesterday to build hype for the brand-new agent, Harbour.

However, later that evening, a new image of the new agent was revealed which gave the character way more depth.

The community have caused waves as discussion about Harbour develops and speculations rise.

We don't have too much information about the new agent yet, but this will soon change.

However, there is some speculation about his release date, time, and more details about the new agent in Valorant... Harbour.

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*LATEST* Official trailer for Harbour revealed

An official trailer was uploaded by Riot Games and showcased the new agent.

The official shows the dangerously curious Harbour in a new way.

There has been some confirmation of leaks such as his abilities and release date too.

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Harbour Valorant release date

There is not yet any official information about the release of the new Valorant agent yet.

However, there is much speculation from the community which hints at his release date and time.

The next act in Valorant arrives on October 18. Episode 5 Act 3 is when we expect to see Harbour arrive in-game.

With the hype building up over the last few days. it makes sense for him to be released in the next patch.

Harbour release time

As there is no official information, this speculation is following trends from previous Valorant release times.

If this patch is to go live at the same time as every other patch, then the times below should be correct...

  • 11 am PT
  • 7 pm BST
  • 1 pm CT
  • 2 pm EST

Harbour reveals

The new reveals for agent 21 don't give too much away about his Valorant abilities.

However, there have been numerous leaks about his potential abilities which seem to line up with his design.

Riot Games will keep us updated with the details of this new agent so check back here for updates.

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