Valorant: New Agent 21 "Mage" Teaser Trailers Released

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Valorant next agent has had some official information as well as a tonne of leaks.

However, there are two new trailers which seem to be hinting at a near release for the agent.

With hype picking up for a new character in the roster and fans excited for a new magic-wielding agent. This is about to get good.

With lots to unpack within both of these trailers, let's take a look at the new information about Varun Batra, Agent 21 in Valorant.

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Varun Batra new Twitter teaser

The official @Valorant Twitter account has released a small teaser trailer which could very well be a link to the new agent.

Leaks over the past few months have figured out that this new agent will be a water-based character.

They also deduced that agent 21 will have a magic-focussed set of abilities... so, it looks like water-bending is on the menu.

The trailer shows a Livestream of two people sitting at a restaurant when suddenly the ground starts to shake.

Water is somehow lifted out of a cup as a shadowy figure runs past them at a sonic speed.

This very much confirms the leaks that Varun Batra is a water bender of some sort.

However, the high speed is something new that has not yet been hinted at by leakers.

Youtube official cinematic teaser trailer

Another trailer was recently posted as an official teaser trailer for the new champion.

It also confirms the heritage of the new agent as Indian and expands on the lore of this Batra.

As we know, Varun Batra is somebody who collects artefacts, it seems that Astra's glove may be one of those.

Her glove is scanned when a map of India shows up on a screen behind them.

It seems that the leaks are matching up quite nicely with the official information we are getting within these trailers.


All we can do is wait and see what Riot Games are planning for this new agent 21 in Valorant.

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