Valorant Episode 6 - Riot releases teasers for new episode trailer and map

Valorant Episode 6 will nearly be released and Riot Games have recently revealed some more teasers for content.

New episodes always bring much more content than new acts in Valorant.

And with all the leaks and information we have so far, episode 6 will bring a lot of changes to the game.

A recent batch of teasers gave away some information about the new map in the game.

However, it's not exactly what the community have been expecting and waiting for.

So, let's look at the teasers that Riot Games released for the new map and content available in episode 6 of Valorant, releasing soon.

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Valorant Map Teasers

A recent teaser from Riot Games gave players an insight into what to expect with the new map coming in episode 6.

The teaser showed Fade standing in front of a futuristic city which looked like a night map.

However, there have now been some more recent teasers posted on Riot Games official Twitter account.

New Map Teasers

These further teasers first show Killjoy and Raze chilling at a Chinese street food bar which is sure to bring smiles to the community.

However, the city in the background of this new teaser does look to be the same city as the one in the first teaser.

The other teaser shows Astra, Skye, and Harbour interacting as they are running away from some unknown threat.

Astra mentions the 'Lost City' which might be a little teaser to the upcoming new map in episode 6.

However, the city shown in the other teasers doesn't look especially7 'lost' but very modern.

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Episode 6 Valorant Premier

These two trailers are leading up to the episode 6 premiere which is going live in a video later on today.

Come back to this article to watch the video above at 4 pm GMT.

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