Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 - what to expect in the new act

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 will soon be released to the live game with a bunch of new content.

Episodes released in the game always have a much bigger size and quantity of content compared to smaller act updates.

So, players should expect some new skins, big mechanic changes and even new maps in episodes.

There has been official information from Riot Games that has outlined what players should expect to see in episode 6.

So far, we know what the release date and times are. But, what new content will be added to the game?

Let's look at some new maps, map changes, ranked resets and more which are expected to be added in episode 6 of Valorant.

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New Valorant Map

There have been rumours and hints added to the game which speak of a new map.

Codenamed Jam, is expected to be set in India due to multiple leaks of information.

City of Flowers map in Valorant
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Agents have referred to the map as the City of Flowers and even have done research into the location of the map.

This release hasn't been confirmed for the new episode, but with the recent release of Harbour, it feels like appropriate timing.

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Ranked Reset

As with every new episode, the ranked season will reset.

This means that your MMR, rank and other achievements will be reset to start your climb again.

Ranked play and MMR in Valorant
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This mechanic has caused discussion within the community as climbing in a limited time can become frustrating.

However, many players enjoy this difficulty and it has become a staple for Riot Games, such as in League of Legends.

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Valorant Smurf Detection

A brand new smurf detection software has been added to the game to help improve the quality of Valorant players' experiences.

Smurfing is a big issue for online games, so Riot is seeking to tackle this to improve user experience.

Battle pass and Weapon Collection

Players should also expect to see a new battle pass and weapon collection added in episode 6 of Valorant.

This is custom for each new episode and will most likely be included in episode 6 of the game.

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