Valorant Episode 6 - Araxys bundle, weapons, price, date, and more

Valorant episode 6 begins soon and the weapon bundle being brought into the game has now been revealed.

Titled Araxys, the sci-fi alien weapon skins showcase the design team's finest work so far.

Angular and pointed, nothing speaks of aggression like these bad boys.

The melee weapon may be of interest to any players who use to play the Halo franchise due to the similarities it has to the energy sword.

Araxys also has different levels and variants that players can look towards getting.

So, let's look at what is included in the Araxys weapon bundle in Valorant, the weapons, prices, and more released in episode 6.

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Valorant Araxys Weapons

The melee weapon in this bundle is one of the coolest weapons in the game at the moment.

Araxys weapon in Valorant
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However, with another new Vandal skin, you can't really go wrong there.

Here are all the weapons included in this skin bundle.

  • Araxys Vandal
  • Araxys Operator
  • Araxys Shorty
  • Araxys Bulldog
  • Araxys Bio Harvester (melee)

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Pricing for the New Valorant Bundle

The price for this bundle is 8700 VP which is a great deal for all of the content included.

Araxys gun buddy in Valorant
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  • Araxys Vandal
  • Araxys Operator
  • Araxys Shorty
  • Araxys Bulldog
  • Araxys Bio Harvester (melee)
  • Araxys Gun Buddy
  • Araxys Card
  • Araxys Spray

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Araxys Levels

Araxys Guns

  • Level 1-Custom model, bullets, and ADS reticle
  • Level 2-Custom firing audio and visual effects (muzzle flash)
  • Level 3-Custom equip, reload, inspect, and idle animations, visual effects, and audio (including firing audio)
  • Level 4-Finisher and Kill Banner
  • Variant 1-Purple Variant (with Purple Finisher and Kill Banner)
  • Variant 2-Black/Red Variant (with Black/Red Finisher and Kill Banner)
  • Variant 3-Gray Variant (with Gray Finisher and Kill Banner)

Araxys Melee

  • Level 1- Custom Model
  • Level 2- Custom equip and swipe animations, VFX, and audio
  • Variant 1- Purple Variant
  • Variant 2- Black/Red Variant
  • Variant 3- Gray Variant

Release Date

The Araxys bundle will release onto the Valorant store on January 10 2023.

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