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Valorant Abyssal Bundle - Release date, prices, leaks, and more

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Valorant's newest bundle, Abyssal, has been revealed with a first look leaked by several prominent leakers.

The underwater-themed bundle brings pressure to your enemy team with such deep depths.

Abyssal bundle joins the Giving Back Bundle for 2022 and both can be purchased at the same time.

They are both available for a limited time and will require VP to buy them.

So, let's take a look at the Abyssal bundle in Valorant with the release date, weapons, prices, and any leaks.

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Abyssal Valorant Bundle Release Date

The abyssal bundle in-game will soon be released for players worldwide.

Although we don't have any official information, we do have a rough date that the bundle will be available.

Abyssal bundle in Valorant
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Keen players should keep their eyes peeled on November 16 as this has been the suggested release date.

So, today is the lucky day for Valorant players who love the sea.

Abyssal Prices

As the bundle is not yet fully released, all of this is up for speculation.

However, several leaks have stated that the bundle will be worth 5,100 VP with individual skins costing 1275 VP.

Additionally, the melee skin alone will cost players 2550 VP.

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Abyssal Bundle Weapons

Once again, the Phantom reigns supreme with yet another skin for the popular weapon.

Leaks have indicated that the following weapons will get skin in this bundle...

  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Spectre
  • Guardian
  • Axe

Newest valorant Bundle Leaks

So far, the biggest leak has come from Mike over at @ValorLeaks.

The biggest and most important pieces of information on this skin have been leaked by Mike in one tweet.

He also tweeted that the new bundle won't have any other variants which is a shame for Valorant players who like to be different.

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