UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer REVEALED: Feuds, Injuries, Weight divisions, and more

After the initial announcement was dropped, we've finally got our first UFC 4 Career mode trailer.

We've heard about the consequences and choices you can make in the game mode from EA UFC 4 Creative Director Brian Hayes himself, and we've even heard about a brand new fighter evolution feature too.

But how much did we get to see in the trailer?

Keep reading to find out!

UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer

The trailer certainly didn't disappoint! Take a look at all the new footage right here.

Trailer Highlights

There were so many exciting features on show here, but here are some that we thought really stood out.

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We got a look at Coach Davis, who's going to be there to help you navigate your rise in the UFC.

We also got to see the new fighter evolution system in action, where you can earn points to level up your character across different areas of the combat sport.

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But, what was most exciting was the reveal of the Relationship System, which factors in your relationship with fans, fighters, promoters and more!

We even got to see a beef breakout with Nate Diaz at a press conference.

Feuds, notoriety, even using social media to build hype around fights all feature.

There's also an injury system, and the ability to go up and down in weight divisions - choosing your own unique path to the top!

Release Date & Pre-orders

UFC 4 is coming out on 14 August 2020 for Xbox One and PS4.

If you want to make sure to get the game as soon as it releases, and get some extra in-game swag, you can find out everything you need to know in our pre-order and editions guide right here.

For all the latest on UFC 4, including all of the upcoming fighter ratings, be sure to check back in with us.

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