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TopSpin 2K25

TopSpin 2K25 is here, and we've put together this useful controls guide to help you become a master on the court.

Before you try your luck on tennis' biggest stages, getting to grips with the TopSpin 2K25 controls is key and will make your gaming experience much more enjoyable.

TopSpin 2K25 Controls

The TopSpin 2K25 controls have three core aspects: Serve, Positioning, and Shot Type. Fortunately, they are very straightforward but that doesn't mean they are easy to master.

Timing is the most important thing in TopSpin 2K25, and you will only be able to master that after playing a good amount of games.

John McEnroe in TopSpin 2K25
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TopSpin 2K25

Hitting a perfect-timed power volley or slice shot will win you plenty of points. However, a bad-timed volley or flat shot can give your opponent the opportunity they need to close out the set.

Serve Controls For PlayStation & Xbox

Serve is arguably the most crucial part of tennis, so it's only natural it's one of the most important mechanics in TopSpin 2K25. Mastering the art of the serve will win you many points and games.

There are five types of serves in TopSpin 2K25 and they are quite easy to learn.

Begin Advanced Serve
Slice Serve
Top Spin Serve
Flat Serve
Advanced Serves
Right Stick
Right Stick

The flat serve is perfect to catch your opponent off guard as it's the fastest serve in the game. A slice serve adds more side spin to the ball, making it very hard to hit for the opponent, but it isn't as fast as the flat serve.

The Top Spin serve is a mixture of the flat and slice serve, as it delivers a fastball with a lot of spin. As for the Advanced Serves, it's just a different way to serve, as you choose the serve you want but use the analog stick to perform it instead.

TopSpin 2K25 Serve
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TopSpin 2K25

It's also worth noting that there are two different ways to serve, normal and power serve. The normal serve is when you simply select the type of serve you want to perform and choose where you want it to land.

When it comes to the power serve, you need to hold the button until the timing meter is in the green zone. This will make your player deliver a much more powerful serve.

Positioning Controls For PlayStation & Xbox

The positioning controls in TopSpin 2K25 are the easiest to learn and master. There are only three buttons you will use to move your character and your left analog stick will do most of the work.

Move Character
Left Stick
Left Stick
Fast Repositioning
Follow Shot to the Net

You will use the left analog stick to move your character anywhere you want in the court, be it to choose the position from where you want to serve or to sprint to the other side of the baseline.

Frances Tiafoe in TopSpin 2K25
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TopSpin 2K25

The Follow Shot to the Net button is perfect if you want to put some pressure on the opposing player and play close to the net, or if a ball falls there and you need to reach it quickly.

If you need to reposition your character to the middle of the baseline as fast as possible, then you can use the Fast Repositioning button. This button will come in handy on multiple occasions and will save you plenty of points.

Shot Controls For PlayStation & Xbox

There are eight shot types in TopSpin 2K25, but the game only has five shot buttons. That's because some shot types are performed with the same button.

To perform a "normal" shot type, you just need to click its respective button, preferably once the timing meter reaches green so it's a good shot.

Similar to serves, if you want to perform the power variation of a shot, which significantly increases its power and makes it harder to hit back, you need to hold the button and then release it.

Slice Shot
Press ◻
Press X
Control Volley
Press and hold ◻
Press and hold X
Top Spin Shot
Press O
Press B
Power Volley
Press and hold O
Press and hold B
Flat Shot
Press X
Press A
Drop Shot
Press R2
Press RT
Drop Volley
Press and hold R2
Press and hold RT

The flat shot is ideal when the ball comes at waist level and you want to hit it in a straightforward trajectory. It's an incredibly powerful shot, but it has less spin and is also considered a high-risk shot.

The Top Spin shot is perfect if you want to force your opponent to one end of the court, or quickly get the ball to the opposite side of the court from your opponent.

When it comes to slice shots, they are great to give you time to reposition and to "neutralize" opponent shots.

Serena Williams in TopSpin 2K25
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TopSpin 2K25

Lob shots are high-arcing shots that have the goal of going over the opponent's head. However, make sure you only use a Lob shot when your opponent is at the net, otherwise, you will gift them a free volley, and most likely a free point.

As for drop shots, they bounce close to the net, so they are perfect if your opponent is tired and playing at the baseline.

All types of volleys can only be performed when a ball still hasn't hit the ground. Because of that, volleys are almost always performed when near the net.

Are you enjoying TopSpin 2K25 so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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