RealTech: Nacon's REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 could be the best PS4 controller yet

Nacon, a major designer and distributor of gaming accessories, has just released their REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3; a new wired controller designed for competitive gaming on PS4, which retails for £89.99.

Check out Nacon's official trailer below for a more detailed analysis of the controller.

A truly personalised experience

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The REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 is a wired controller (with the option to go wireless) that has been created specifically for competitive gamers looking for performance and comfort. 

Gamers will enjoy the characteristic ergonomics of the REVOLUTION range:

  • Asymmetric analogue sticks
  • Wider action buttons and triggers
  • Two weight compartments for a truly personalised experience.

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With the (included) PC* software, gamers can create custom game profiles using full button mapping, analogue stick and trigger sensitivity, vibration motors and much more.

Nacon has clearly set a new standard for wired controllers that are specifically designed for competitive gaming on PS4.

*The REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 is also fully compatible with PC games

A host of new features

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The REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 has a load of new features compared to previous models:

  • New ergonomics for precision and comfort
  • Wired and wireless modes
  • Dual customisable sticks
  • Adjustable weight balance
  • PC/Mac software for customisation
  • Storage case optimised

All of these features work seamlessly together to deliver a heightened gaming experience.

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Nacon's controller collection

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Compact Controller, Asymmetric Wireless Controller, Revolution Pro Controller 3 or Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller: there’s a Nacon controller to suit every gamer's unique style.

With the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3, Nacon has expanded its range of PS4 officially licensed controllers and now offers the widest variety for Sony's best selling console. 

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However, we can’t get our heads around why this unique range of controllers didn’t release sooner, considering how we now have less than 12 months before the official launch of the PS5.

Regardless, we're excited to see such an alluring yet innovative piece of technology hit shelves around the world.

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