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RealTech: Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset review

Just use a pair of headphones right? Well, for those of you
serious about gaming, and playing with mates online, you’ll know that the only
way you can do it properly is with a professional headset.

Of course, there is an array of options available, all adjusted for your certain profile.

Want something low-cost and lightweight? Go for the Turtle Beach Battle Buds. Want to settle in for the long-haul? Turtle Beach’s Elite Atlas Aero have the bulk and comfort to support you all day, and all night.

The new Sennheiser GSP 370 may be slightly more expensive at £169.00, but they are incredibly comfortable, sleek, soundproofed and have a battery life of over 100 hours.

Sennheiser GSP 370 trailer

Usability & setup

Whether setting up via PC/Mac or to PS4 the GSP is good to go as soon as you plug the dongle into your device. With that incredibly long battery, more than a week will go by before you need to charge it again.

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For you PC players, you can customise the GSP sound to your taste by heading to You can adjust the audio depending on whether you are casually gaming, playing competitively (esport mode) or just listening to music.

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EASY ADJUSTMENT: The infinity volume wheel allows for simple audio alteration

The infinity volume wheel also gives easy access to adjusting sound levels.

Unfortunately, the GSP 370 isn’t compatible with Xbox One or
Nintendo Switch.


I have been using the product to play music casually all day as well as to game, and I am yet to receive any of the dreaded ‘ear fatigue’.

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SLEEK & SEXY: The appearance and feel of the GSP is nothing short of stunning

With no pinching and a reasonably light weight (285g), this headset is so well supported you will barely notice wearing them.

The microphone is adjustable, but even when positioned over your mouth, it never feels in the way or distracting.


Of course, the two standout features of the GSP are its 100 hour battery life and its low latency connection – vital for online co-op play.

Add to that noise-cancelling and a broadcast-quality microphone, and there is little wrong with the new Sennheiser release.

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FOR THE PROFESSIONAL: You'll struggle to find fault with the GSP

The sound quality is second to none, and with all of these features, it’s little surprise that you are paying close to £170 for such a reliable piece of kit.

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One tiny little issue, is that the charging cable doesn’t
slot all the way into the micro-USB socket, so keep it clear of any small
children who are prone to breaking things!


A high-quality headset without the bulk of some of its rivals.
If you want to shed the weight of a headset without sacrificing quality, this
is the one for you.

Quality: 4.5 stars

Price: 3 stars

Our review of Turtle Beach’s Elite Atlas Aero questioned the price, and it is hard not to do the same with Sennheiser’s GSP 370, which is £40 more expensive.

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ADDED EXTRAS: Order now for a free GSA 50 headset hanger!

That said, if you purchase the headset from Sennheiser’s website, you will receive the GSA 50 headset hanger free of charge (worth £30.99) – so suddenly you are getting a lot more bang for your buck.

For PS4 or PC players (or both!) it is a great purchase, but you do wonder why it is not compatible with Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, which cuts out a huge consumer base for the audio company.

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