When Does Rocket League Season 2 End?

Rocket League Season 2 is all boosters ahead, but when does it end?

This season, Psyonix's presented Rocket League players with a musically-themed Rocket Pass and the standard array of seasonal Rocket League activities to play through.

We've seen Lucky Lanterns back in recent weeks, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and there has been a steady rotation of limited-time playlists to keep things fresh amongst the bread and butter of the game.

Below is everything you need to know about when to expect another shakeup, or alternatively, when Rocket League Season 2 ends.

When Does It End?

Rocket League Season 2 began on December 9th 2020 and will end on March 31st 2021.

This is the second season after the game went free-to-play and it is a slightly longer season than you might expect.

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That being said, it wasn't a bad one by any account.

In Season 2, Play Anthems were added as a brand-new customisation option.

These allowed the player to pick a song from Rocket League's playlist that will play whenever they perform an Epic Save or Score a Goal.

It's a fun way to add another level of personality to your playing, but we really want to see Never Gonna Give You Up added...

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In addition to this, Season 2 introduced us to a new arena: Neon Fields.

Rocket League Season 2
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NEON FIELDS - The newest Rocket League arena certainly lives up to its' name!

This is also music-themed and it is great to see Psyonix committed to continually adding to the game's location when they could quite-easily ignore them.

We're not sure what's next for Rocket League in Season 3, but the Rocket League social channels and official website is the best place to look.

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