Rocket League Season 9 - Release Date, Theme, and more

Rocket League Season 9

Rocket League Season 9

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Rocket League Season 9 is now right around the corner, with tons of new content planned for its release. Fire and Ice will reign supreme for the new season, with a new arena, Rocket Pass, and much more planned as the season progresses through to the new year.

The Sovereign Krew's time is coming to an end, but they will leave quite their legacy on Soccar and Hoops, with the new map for the latter. The Nike FC cup will also bow out soon, ushering in a period of holiday festivities. Here's everything we know so far about what's arriving with Season 9 very shortly.

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Rocket League Season 9 Release Date

Season 9 will begin on December the 7th, after servers temporarily go down following the end of Season 8 on the 6th. While the date had been rumoured for some time, we now have it confirmed by Psyonix in the key art for the new season.

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We can expect Season 9 to run until March 2023, on the usual cycle, and tons of new content coming with a new theme. There will also likely be lots of events to get stuck into this Rocket League season, as it spans the holiday period.

Previous years have seen the return of limited-time modes like Snow Day, as well as the usual Christmas items that can be earned through challenges.

What is the Season 9 Theme?

The theme for Rocket League Season 9 seems to be fire and ice, as revealed in a teaser trailer, that shows a Dominus and a Fennec locked in a rule one. Expect many more details to be arriving soon.

Don't miss out on everything you can earn from the Nike FC Cup, as Season 9 will mark the end of that event. There's also still time to climb up the Rocket League ranks, and earn exclusive rewards for Season 8.

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