CONFIRMED Rocket League Season 6 Release Date: When does the next update come out?

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Season 6 of Rocket League is finally here and it's an exciting one. Psyonix has been hinting at some cool things, so here's what you need to know about when Rocket League Season 6 will release and when you can dive into all of the new content.

Confirmed Time - When does Rocket League Season 6 start?

Psyonix has finally confirmed when the next season of Rocket League is due to start.

As part of the full Season 6 reveal, it was revealed that Rocket League Season 6 kicks off Wednesday, March 9 at about 11am ET/4pm GMT and a game update will be available to download on March 8 at 7pm ET/12am GMT.

You will be able to download the update ahead of time, so get your game ready for when the Season 6 content goes live.

What are we expecting from the next season?

Rocket League Season 6 should offer up the same amount of content as last season, but we're not expecting anything that will completely change the game in the next title update.

Rocket League Season 6 Release Date
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CROSSOVERS - Could another collaboration be in the works?

A new Rocket Pass will be released alongside a new vehicle and Arena - or at least a variant of an existing Arena - but this isn't anything too exciting when it comes to an actual change to the game.

The new season will be animated in theme, looking a lot like a cartoon. The Neo Tokyo (Comic) Variant will be added, fully embracing that animated theme.

On top of the animated content in the Rocket Pass, there's a lot to look forward to later in the season. There will be an as yet unnamed mid-season event, which will bring a brand new LTM to Rocket League, which is exciting.

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