Roblox Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience announced! Trailer, Details, and more

If all the recent promo codes weren't enough, Roblox Wonder Woman: The Themyscira experience has been announced!

Keep reading for everything you need to know, and more!

Roblox Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience

So, as the name suggests this is a Roblox and DC collaboration!

The game has players explore the hidden island home of Diana, aka Wonderwoman, as you refine your skills to become the ultimate champion!

You can unlock special gear, iconic outfits, and more. But the amazing thing is, that you can wear any items in the further world of Roblox!

Players will also be able to watch exclusive videos in the game!

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You can get a good look at the trailer here. It's pretty epic, and certainly does a great job of bringing that awe-inspiring feel to the title.

It shows some of the setting of Diana's home, and it looks beautifully rendered.

We can't wait to get to exploring and see what mysteries this hidden island has to uncover.

Wonder Woman 1
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WONDERFUL VISUALS: This looks like one of the better looking Roblox games!

Special Gear

Take a look below for some of the cosmetics you can unlock, and it looks like there will be more on the way!

Roblox Wonder Woman 2
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AMAZING COSMETICS! Check out what you could unlock in the game!

According to the official website, this is just the beginning of an expansive DC Roblox immersive world.

Could we be exploring Gotham City next? Fingers crossed!

You can play the game by heading over here!

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